$2 billion for new Metro line

Delivering a state’s 2019 Budget today, Dominic Perrottet used a evidence to try and vigour a Federal Government to send billions of dollars Sydney’s way.

He wants Canberra to part-fund a $10 billion new quick rail line between Sydney’s CBD and Parramatta, that he pronounced is essential if a city is to cope with an arriving race spurt.

But a “challenging” mercantile conditions has seen billions of dollars wiped off a bottom line of Australia’s wealthiest state. And Mr Perrottet has pronounced thousands of open zone jobs will be wiped since of it.

However, there were a few sweeteners in a NSW Budget including reduced ride cost for large time commuters and a doubling of a Active Kids voucher.

Deep in a Budget was a warn — a proclamation of a small talked about a probable new light rail network in a state’s north — that would be a fourth in a state.

NSW will spend a record $93 billion on infrastructure, though that comes with a catch. The state is relying on sovereign appropriation to get some of these projects over a line. Hence a appropriate during Adelaide.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet.Source:AAP


In his Budget debate Mr Perrottet pronounced a state faced a “new set of challenges” including a housing down spin that has wiped a zero to be sneezed during $10.6 billion wiped off a state’s bottom line due to a tumble in stamp duty. And $2.3bn has dead from GST as consumers tie their wallets.

That’s seen a NSW Government final over-abundance this year to finish adult during $802 million, some approach down on a $1.4 billion likely final year.

Mr Perrottet pronounced a state’s surpluses would normal $1.7 billion a year over a subsequent 4 years. But a surpluses will still be smaller than approaching a year ago.

To during slightest make adult some of a shortfall, he pronounced was many as 3000 “back office” open zone jobs would be axed.

The Treasurer shielded a cuts: “Let’s be satisfactory dinkum; we have a open zone of 300,000 people so those accounts for one per cent of staff.

“It’s about creation a Government fit for purpose not shortening any front-line services.”

So, what’s in it for you?

Western Sydney Airport metro rail line: A quick metro rail use will couple a new Western Sydney Airport with a rest of a city.

Western Sydney Airport metro rail line: A quick metro rail use will couple a new Western Sydney Airport with a rest of a city.Source:News Corp Australia


Mr Perrottet pronounced his was a “state-building bill from a state-building Government”. He talked adult a opening of a Sydney Metro Northwest and Newcastle Light Rail in a final few months and a construction of a Sydney Metro City and Southwest, Sydney Light Rail and West Connex motorway opening soon.

The Government has also pronounced it’s now committed $6.4 billion to a Sydney Metro West that will take driverless trains from a city to Parramatta around Sydney Olympic Park. That’s great, though a line is indeed going to cost during slightest $10 billion with NSW penetrating on Canberra to make adult a shortfall.

The Treasurer has a devise to convince a Morrison Government to cough adult — have a go during South Australia.

“No one who comes to Australia comes to Adelaide. They go to Sydney and Melbourne,” he told reporters.

“If we are holding on some-more population, we should get a aloft suit of infrastructure spending and we have pulpy that indicate with a Government when it comes to a $3bn for a Metro West.”

Another $2 billion will go towards nonetheless another Metro line, this one to bond a T1 Western Line to a new Western Sydney Airport during Badgerys Creek — again, it will need some-more than that to get off a ground.

Squirrelled divided in a papers was a new ride project. A new tram line that would extend north from Tweed Heads and cranky into Queensland during Coolangatta. The aim would be to couple adult to a Gold Coast tram that is usually being extended south.

But with a small $1 million committed for “planning” don’t design to see any trams channel borders soon.

There’s improved news for highway projects in informal areas. $1.5 billion will be spent on improving a M1 Pacific Highway in northern NSW and $1.2 billion on a M1 Princes Highway in a south. The final partial of a Great Western Highway over a Blue Mountains will also be duplicated.


If, notwithstanding all a new trains and trams that are being opened, you’re still stranded behind a circle afterwards congratulations – you’re speeding reduction and following a highway manners more. The Budget bottom line is entirely $88 million reduction than hoped for due to “lower than approaching engine trade fines”.

The fee service module will be stretched so that drivers spending $15 a week or some-more will accept 50 per cent off their engine automobile registration for one vehicle.


The Opal weekly ride top will revoke for complicated ride users. From 1 Jul 2019, approximately 55,000 commuters will advantage with a sum limit spend on Opal reduced to $50 per week for adults and $25 for kids.

$300 million will also be spent on building hire automobile parks.


Sweeteners a copiousness are entrance your way. Seniors opposite informal NSW will be authorised for a $250 per year funding towards fuel, cab ride or NSW TrainLink tickets. There will also be a new appetite remission for eccentric retirees.


Youngsters will be speedy to spin off a console and conduct out to a park with $300 million going towards doubling a volume accessible on a Active Kids program. Parents will now have dual $100 vouchers to spend on organized competition and earthy activity outward propagandize hours.

The supervision is also penetrating to spruik a cold $18.5 billion for education, adult some-more than a billion on final year’s figures. $600 million of that will be combined to a $6 billion collateral spend to build or remodel 190 schools. $1.3 billion is earmarked for clearing a upkeep reserve during open schools by 2020.


The Government says they will spend $26.7 billion on health this year with $2.7 billion in new collateral spending. More than 8000 new frontline health staff will be employed over 4 years and $10 billion to ascent existent and build new hospitals.


Not a lot to see here. A new inhabitant park will be combined in south west Sydney and there will be no seductiveness loans for solar panels and batteries. But frequency belligerent violation stuff.


Rejoice. $500 million will be spent informal NSW to reinstate “worn out wooden bridges” with reduction precarious structures.


And let’s face it, who isn’t. The Government will broach a $45 million module that includes environment aside some-more than 24,000 hectares of new koala reserves.