A-levels: Anxious wait over for thousands of pupils

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More than 300,000 18-year-olds are finale a concerned wait for their A-level formula this morning.

Six weeks after a final of 800,000 A-level examination papers were sat in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a formula are being released.

University and college admissions services use a formula to endorse and repel offers of places to students.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson wished possibilities good luck, propelling them to be unapproachable of their achievements.

He said: “Of course, a minds of thousands of immature people removing their formula will shortly spin to a subsequent section in their lives, either that’s a place during one of a world-class universities, earning on an tutelage or entering a universe of work.

“I wish any one of them is vehement about a opportunities that distortion forward for them and we wish them a really best of fitness for their formula today.”

Hopes of success

Students were told not to worry on Wednesday after a outlines for any class range for all subjects of a dual vital examination boards, Pearson/Edexcel and OCR, were leaked online.

The papers suggested that to grasp an A grade, possibilities for many maths A-level papers had to measure usually only over half marks.

Thousands of students who have finished improved or worse than approaching will be seeking places on courses during universities by a clearing complement run by a University and College Admissions Service.

Clearing is approaching to be really bustling again this year, with a record 638,000 18-year-olds carrying already practical in a UK.

Ucas anticipates a series securing a university place by this complement this year will tip 70,000.

As possibilities accept their results, a examination play tell sum of a inhabitant picture.

Overall, A-level pass rates and a percentages reaching any class are doubtful to change really much, as examination play and regulators find to say standards over time.

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They do this by creation teenager adjustments to class boundaries, formulated by marrying a problem of papers with a likely ability of a organisation of students sitting a qualifications.

Students in Scotland perceived their formula progressing this month, with a pass rate for Highers descending to 74.8%, compared with 76.8% final year.

The Advanced Higher pass rate also fell slightly, to 79.4% from 80.5%.

New maths

In England, over a past few years, A-levels have changed divided from coursework and returned to students being graded on final exams.

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This was partial of efforts to ascent exams to keep adult with a top behaving nations.

A brew of old-style and new exams are still being taken in Wales and Northern Ireland.

But in England, formula for maths, a final theme to be entirely updated in line with what universities pronounced was required for possibilities going on to serve study, will be watched closely.

There were also concerns after dual questions from one Pearson paper were common on amicable media days before a Jun exam.

An review by a examination house resolved they had not been widely circulated – and a examination went forward but changes.

Are your A-level formula improved or worse than expected? If you’re not certain what to do next, Eddie Playfair, a comparison manager with a Association of Colleges and Helena Poole, editor of Which? University are prepared to advise on a best options. Email your questions to

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