Accused Claremont torpedo ‘lied about night’

Former Telstra technician Bradley Robert Edwards, 50, is on hearing indicted of murdering secretary Sarah Spiers, 18, child caring workman Jane Rimmer, 23, and warn Ciara Glennon, 27, after they spent nights out in 1996 and 1997.

Ex-workmate Murray Cook, 55, struck adult a loyalty with Edwards when a indicted gave him a lift home in Sep 1995 and they connected over pool.

“It came about in review by a time together that he was distant and that’s all we know,” Mr Cook testified in a Western Australia Supreme Court on Friday.

Mr Cook pronounced he and his mother went to Dawesville for a holiday in Mar 1997 after he was diagnosed with mixed sclerosis, and invited Edwards to join them on a Friday night.

His mother Brigita Cook pronounced a integrate had asked Edwards what he was adult to and he replied “not much”.

But he did not arrive until 11am a following morning.

A granted picture shows purported Claremont sequence torpedo Bradley Robert Edwards. Picture: AAP Image/Supplied by a Western Australian Supreme CourtSource:AAP

“I pronounced difference to a outcome of ‘what a hell? You were ostensible to be here’,” Mr Cook said.

“He pronounced ‘I was perplexing to determine with my wife’.”

When asked how it went, Edwards shook his head.

Prosecutors lay Edwards arrived late since he murdered Ms Glennon that night.

“Murray and we had no reason not to trust what he said,” Ms Cook said. She pronounced a skill did not have a radio or radio so they “didn’t hear what happened” to Ms Glennon.

Defence warn Paul Yovich suggested his customer was indeed referring to a break-up with a girlfriend, though a Cooks resolutely disagreed.

Edwards’ initial wife, whose temperament is suppressed, testified progressing this week that he never asked her to return.

The indicted killer’s wife, whose temperament is suppressed, was asked about a forms of Telstra outpost he gathering in a early stages of their relationship, observant they were “square-type” like a indication pictured. He worked for a association as a technician. Picture: AAP Image/Supplied by a Western Australian Supreme Court.Source:AAP

She pronounced she suggested classification out their matrimony after she returned to a matrimonial home and had sex with Edwards, notwithstanding carrying changed in with her new lover, though he did not respond.

Mr Cook also told a justice he worked with Edwards during Dumas House on Jan 27, 1996 – usually hours after a former Little Athletics manager allegedly murdered Ms Spiers.

He pronounced he arrived during work that day with Edwards though could not remember who drove. Ms Cook testified it was a memorably prohibited day, recalling Edwards and her father legalised their damaged atmosphere conditioner before Mr Cook gathering them to work.

Mr Yovich put to her it was usually 27C though she remained austere it was hot. Ms Cook also insisted Edwards did not leave his automobile during her house, adding he might have been forsaken off by his hermit or walked.

The counterclaim serve attempted to expel doubt on a couple’s correlation of events, observant annals showed a usually work hire car Mr Cook removed Edwards carrying was not purebred until Apr 1996.

Mr Cook believed Edwards was pushing it on that initial lift home. “Events, even critical events, are not easy to remember 20 years later,” Mr Yovich said.

Ms Cook was assisted by a diary she kept, though Mr Yovich pronounced it was probable for a assured chairman to be wrong.

Edwards’ work cars are executive to a box as it is purported he abducted his victims in those vehicles and fibres from a interiors were found on dual of a women.