Airbnb will determine listings, 11 years after launch

Airbnb says it will determine each singular skill on a height after a news website found a array of scams.

In October, Vice News unclosed a settlement of fake or dubious skill listings posted on a rentals site.

Airbnb pronounced it would examination each skill by Dec 2020, and also betrothed to reinstate business if they were misled by false listings.

It is a initial time Airbnb, that launched in 2008, has affianced to determine each home promoted on a platform.

During a investigation, Vice News spoke to several people who had requisitioned accommodation on Airbnb and been scammed.

When a guest arrived for their holiday, they typically perceived a last-minute phone call from a landlord observant a skill was no longer available, due to an puncture or double-booking.

They would afterwards be altered to another property, mostly in a opposite area and though a amenities betrothed in a strange booking.

In many cases a guest felt they had no choice though to stay during slightest one night, after nearing late during night in a city distant from home.

But they contend Airbnb afterwards refused to give them a full reinstate notwithstanding a dubious bookings.

In a array of tweets, Airbnb arch executive Brian Chesky said: “Airbnb is in a business of trust. We are creation a many poignant stairs in conceptualizing trust on a height given a strange pattern in 2008.”

Image Copyright @bchesky

Image Copyright @bchesky

He pledged:

  • to examination each home and horde on Airbnb, aiming to determine each inventory by Dec 2020
  • to reinstate guest a whole cost of their engagement if a accommodation does not accommodate “accuracy standards”, and if a association can't find another skill “that is only as nice”
  • to launch a phone line so “anyone can call us any time, anywhere in a universe and strech a genuine person”

Adam French, a consumer rights consultant from Which?, told a BBC: “Holiday engagement rascal is on a rise, with people losing millions each year to fraudsters tricking them out of their income with holiday lettings that do not indeed exist.

“Steps from Airbnb to finally determine all of a listings are positive, though a attention contingency do some-more to safeguard people are no longer being nude of their income and carrying their holiday skeleton left in tatters.”

On 2 November, Airbnb pronounced it would anathema “party houses” after a mass sharpened during a California home rented by a association left 5 people dead.

And in 2017, it altered a confidence policy, after a BBC examination found criminals were hijacking accounts and burgling homes.