Alleged terrorist’s heartless ‘lefty’ plot

An indicted worried militant devise to wreak massacre opposite Melbourne allegedly enclosed slitting throats and targeting military with lizard venom-dipped arrows.

Phillip Galea, 34, is station hearing over purported apprehension plots opposite Melbourne radical and revolutionary groups between Aug 2015 and 2016.

He wanted to quarrel “the left” regulating poison injections, electrical shocks and throat-cutting, Richard Maidment QC told a Victorian Supreme Court jury on Tuesday.

“I wanted to be going around slicing throats in a f***ing city centre. we wanted to leave a … f***ing line of passed lefties around me,” Galea allegedly told an associate in an intercepted phone call review to a court.

In other conversations restrained by authorities, prosecutors pronounced Galea spoke about mass producing weapons regulating a cosmetic printer and aggressive military with arrows sloping with lizard venom and mercury.

“There’s a lot of opposite things we could tip an arrow with that will pledge that a pursuit gets done,” a indicted said, according to transcripts review in court.

Phillip Galea is taken into a Victorian Supreme justice in Melbourne, Monday, Oct 14, 2019. Picture: AAP/David Crosling

Phillip Galea is taken into a Victorian Supreme justice in Melbourne, Monday, Oct 14, 2019. Picture: AAP/David CroslingSource:AAP

“There’s adequate snakes in Australia, they could simply usually divert them.

“There’s a few other genuine nasties. we meant mercury’s utterly good.”

Allegedly compared with far-right groups True Blue Crew and Reclaim Australia, Galea is also indicted of operative on a apprehension how-to request he called a “Patriot’s Cookbook”.

“Nobody’s suggesting that Mr Galea’s ideas are realistic, though we are suggesting that … this is a thoughtfulness of his genuine state of mind,” Mr Maidment said.

The supposed cookbook allegedly enclosed instructions about holding severe activists restrained and torturing them with acid, needles or nine-volt batteries.

Galea wanted to aim a city’s radical club, as good as a Melbourne Resistance Centre and a Trades Hall, compared with a kinship movement, “to discharge a leaders of a left”, a justice was told.

He is pronounced to have blamed severe beliefs for a “Islamisation of Australia”.

In another review vituperation opposite severe protesters, Galea is pronounced to have told another “eventually we’ll put them all in ovens though it’ll take time”. At one indicate a indicted talked about saying an Imam “because we have to know your enemy,” a jury was told.

Galea also allegedly pronounced “if you’re a f***ing premier of Victoria and you’ve got a f***ing problem with me I’ll take we out”.

“I won’t f***ing conflict we with a knife, I’ll f***ing cost we your f***ing job.” Galea was initial arrested when military raided his Braybrook home in Nov 2015, though he after claimed authorities usually collected a fragment of his documents.

“I do all of this things on my mate’s mechanism and we usually lift it around on peep drives to work during home,” he after told an associate.

Evidence seized from Galea enclosed a video about how to make a shotgun and references to a bomb TNT and creation fume bombs, Mr Maidment said. The indicted apprehension plotter was arrested again in Aug 2016 and stays in custody.

His hearing is approaching to continue on Wednesday.