Apple Special Event: What Will be That #OneMoreThing This Time Around?

The Apple iPhone eventuality is on us. It is that happy time of a year again when a new iPhones are unveiled, and a new benchmark in a user knowledge is set for Android phones to try and compare over a subsequent 12 months. And keeps a lot of meme makers bustling as well, with their possess opinions on a Android vs iOS debates. Basically, everybody gets in one a fun and all is hunky dory. Great then. But some-more critical matters to pronounce off during a moment. The One More Thing that is flattering most a heading of all Apple events. That small warn that one wasn’t unequivocally awaiting to see during a event, though Apple goes forward and announces it anyway. What could it be this time? We know that that we will see a subsequent choice of a iPhones, tentatively called a iPhone 11 series. We will also see a fifth era of a Apple Watch. And yes, there will be review about services, including Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade diversion streaming use as good as a final demeanour during iOS 13, macOS Catalina and a iPadOS before their final releases.

The primary think for a One More Thing this year could be a 16-inch MacBook Pro. There has been substantial gibberish about this new MacBook, and this truly deserves a special moment, deliberation it is a biggest refurbish to a MacBook choice in years. Whether this sits tighten to a existent MacBook Pro 15 in terms of a pricing and positioning, or replaces a elder kin altogether stays to be seen. There will be impossibly skinny bezels if this arrange of arrangement distance has to work, and a new pattern denunciation as well. To be honest, we unequivocally can't wait to see if a MacBook Pro 16-inch is genuine and get my hands on one.

The HomePod has been around given early 2018, though Apple did not refurbish it final year. Could this be a year to demeanour during a HomePod intelligent orator once again? Maybe a rested product with some some-more Siri smartness going global, or maybe even a smaller and some-more affordable chronicle to daub into a fad around intelligent speakers these days.

There is also substantial seductiveness in intelligent displays, that includes Amazon’s Echo Show choice and a Google Nest Hub series. Maybe a Siri powered intelligent display, with a height that is formed on iOS, could unequivocally be a ideal further for those who are already well-embedded in a Apple ecosystem—it could conduct their calendar, Apple Music, Apple News, Podcasts and more.

With a Apple TV+ streaming use set to hurl out now, Apple might demeanour during giving a Apple TV streaming device a refresh. More absolute innards perhaps, and maybe even give it gaming controllers to also daub into a Arcade diversion streaming excitement.

Last though not least, there could be subsequent large pull for a Augmented Reality (AR) space. Reports recently suggested that a iOS 13 formula hints during an AR headset that Apple might be operative on. Does Apple unequivocally need an AR headset? Well, it would be a judicious ascent to a endless AR capabilities that Apple has built into iOS with ARKit over a past integrate of years, including improved ambience detection, a ability to know lighting improved and smarter overlaying of practical objects over real-world frames.

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