Ayia Napa: ‘False rape claim’ box shelved after counsel resigns

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Andreas Pittadjis has quiescent as a counsel of a British lady indicted of creation a fake rape explain in Cyprus

The counsel for a British lady in Cyprus indicted of creation a fake explain of rape has quiescent from a case.

A justice listened that Andreas Pittadjis had an vague “serious” feud with his client.

The box was shelved and a 19-year-old lady returned to custody.

In Jul a lady pronounced she had been gang-raped by 12 Israeli tourists in Ayia Napa, though after withdrew a allegation.

She was pronounced to have done a rape explain in annoy after a group filmed a sex act, that was after expelled online.

The lady faces adult to a year in jail and a fine, if found guilty of a assign of causing open mischief.

But an organization called Justice Abroad, that is providing authorised assistance to a woman, recently pronounced that Cypriot military had pressured her to redress a rape allegations.

‘Apparent confession’

Mr Pittadjis asked a justice in Paralimni to soothe him of his avocation as a woman’s counterclaim lawyer.

“There is a critical feud with a suspect on how to hoop a case, so we ask for a court’s accede to withdraw,” he said.

The lady was weeping after her counsel handed her a box record and exited a Famagusta District Court.

Mr Pittadjis after told reporters his abdication should not be connected to either a lady was guilty or not guilty.

“This would be unjust to her defence, and astray to her as well,” he said.

Michael Polak, a British attorney with Justice Abroad, pronounced in a matter that a lady had been refused authorised representation.

He pronounced her apparent admission was commanded to her and came with a hazard of serve arrest.

Cypriot military orator Christos Andreou deserted a claims as “baseless”.

The purported conflict was pronounced to have taken place on 17 Jul during a hotel in Ayia Napa, a city renouned with younger tourists.

The Israelis arrested spent a week in jail before being released. They have given returned home.