Bercow warns PM opposite disobeying Brexit law

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John Bercow has vowed “creativity” in Parliament if Boris Johnson ignores a law designed to stop a no-deal Brexit.

The Commons Speaker also pronounced in a discuss that a usually probable Brexit was one corroborated by MPs.

A new law, upheld before a cessation of Parliament, army a PM to find a check until 31 Jan 2020, unless a understanding or no-deal exit is authorized by MPs by 19 October.

The PM has pronounced he would rather be “dead in a ditch” than ask for a delay.

Responding to Mr Bercow’s comments, Tory Brexiter MP Sir Bernard Jenkin pronounced a purpose of a Speaker had turn “irretrievably politicised and radicalised”.

Delivering a harangue in London, Mr Bercow said: “Not obeying a law contingency positively be a non-starter. Period.”

He pronounced it would be a “terrible instance to set to a rest of society”.

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“The usually form of Brexit that we will have, whenever that competence be, will be a Brexit that a House of Commons has categorically endorsed,” he said.

“Surely, in 2019, in complicated Britain, in a parliamentary democracy, we – parliamentarians, legislators – can't in all demur be conducting a discuss as to either confluence to a law is or isn’t required.”

He called it “astonishing” that “anyone has even entertained a notion”.

If a supervision comes tighten to disobeying a law, Mr Bercow pronounced that Parliament “would wish to cut off such a probability and do so forcefully”.

“If that final additional procedural creativity in sequence to come to pass, it is a racing certainty that this will happen, and that conjunction a stipulations of a existent order book nor a ticking of a time will stop it doing so,” he added.

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Boris Johnson has pronounced he would rather ‘die in a ditch’ than find a serve Brexit delay

The new law could force a Brexit check over a stream 31 Oct deadline by requiring a primary apportion to ask an prolongation to a UK’s EU membership.

This would be finished by creation him write to EU leaders to lengthen talks underneath Article 50 – a partial of a EU’s Lisbon Treaty that sets out what happens when a nation decides that it wants to leave a EU.

The law forcing a PM to find a check unless MPs opinion for a understanding or no understanding perceived stately recognition on Monday, a final day that MPs sat in this session.

Parliament was dangling – or prorogued – in a early hours of Tuesday and is not scheduled to lapse until 14 October.

Mr Bercow said: “One should no some-more exclude to ask an prolongation of Article 50 since of what one competence courtesy as a eminent finish of vacating from a EU as shortly as possible, than one could presumably forgive robbing a bank on a basement that a money stolen would be donated to a free means immediately afterwards.”

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Sir Bernard, who chairs a inherent affairs name cabinet in Parliament, pronounced a Commons should “adapt itself” to a new purpose for a Speaker.

He indicted Mr Bercow of rising a “personal attack” on a primary minister, insisting this would have been “unthinkable 10 or fifteen years ago”.

The stream position allows a passenger “unregulated and untrammelled power”, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“It’s a kind of majoritarian persecution position,” he added.

Yellowhammer warnings

On Thursday, Mr Johnson insisted a UK “will be ready” to leave a EU by a stream deadline but an agreement “if we have to”.

In response to a announcement of a government’s Yellowhammer document, an comment of a reasonable worst-case unfolding in a eventuality of a no-deal Brexit, Mr Johnson reiterated it was “the worst-case scenario”.

“In existence we will positively be prepared for a no-deal Brexit if we have to do it and we highlight again that’s not where we intend to finish up,” Mr Johnson said.

Mr Bercow has announced he will mount down as Commons Speaker and MP during a subsequent choosing or on 31 October, whichever comes first.

‘No reason to be optimistic’

The Speaker’s warning came as a EU’s arch Brexit adjudicator told domestic leaders in a European Parliament on Thursday that he could not contend either contacts with a UK supervision would outcome in a understanding by mid-October.

Michel Barnier, in a discuss to MEPs, suggested that negotiating a new withdrawal agreement remained capricious notwithstanding discussions between Mr Johnson’s group and a EU.

“I can't tell we objectively either contacts with a supervision of Mr Johnson will be means to strech an agreement by mid-October,” he said.

“While we have formerly reached an agreement, as distant as we can speak, we have no reason to be optimistic.”

He added: “We will see in a entrance weeks if a British are means to make petrify proposals in essay that are legally operational.”

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