Borno Governor Wants To Negotiate With Twitter, Facebook Users With His Name, Gives 3-Day Ultimatum


Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum, says he is peaceful to negotiate
with some Twitter and Facebook users who are regulating his name on their
Twitter handles though warns that they have 3 days (from today) to
come brazen to negotiate with him.

Zulum’s special confidant on open family and plan pronounced in a
statement on Thursday (today) morning, “While Governor Babagana Umara
Zulum recognizes and appreciates those who make unselfish efforts to
promote a activities of his administration by opposite media
platforms that embody a microblogging and amicable networking site,
Twitter, a demeanour in that some people or groups have gone
about formulating and handling unapproved personal accounts for the
governor, is totally unacceptable.

“In a final 6 months, during slightest 5 accounts have been non-stop in
the governor’s name. The media bureau has done raging efforts like
sending them approach messages (DMs) to these accounts, quite one
of such accounts that have generated some-more than 2,000 followers.

“However, a operators of these unapproved accounts have refused to
identify themselves or come brazen for discussions. At a moment,
the administrator has one certified central comment that is @GovBorno.
There is also a recently combined personal hoop that is already
growing followers.

“However, in sequence not to confuse operators of any of a multiple
unauthorized accounts, there will be a three-day check in announcing
the name of a recently combined certified personal account.

“The check is to give 3 days’ room to operators of existing
multiple accounts to presumably tighten these accounts or in a box of the
one with estimable followers, come brazen for negotiations. The
negotiations will, of course, embody a vicious examination of a kinds
of calm common by a comment given it was created, a persons
being followed by a comment and those following it to presumably reach
a win-win resolution.”

The matter remarkable further, “Operators of any of a multiple
accounts can, within 3 days, use a same unapproved accounts to
send Direct Messages (DM) to any of a following chatter accounts:
@GovBorno, @SpokesmanBornoG or @Bundi58. Although Emails might as a last
option, be sent to [email protected] sending DM’s from the
unauthorized accounts would be a best approach to prove that the
sender exercises cue control over a account.

”The DM’s should enclose a temperament of those promulgation a messages
with a ask for assembly during a venue and time that is convenient
for both parties.”