California vessel fire: Crew contend there were no automatic issues

Media captionFamily and friends weep those mislaid in California dive-boat fire.

The organisation of a vessel broken by a glow off California’s seashore were not wakeful of any automatic issues with a vessel, investigators say.

“Initial interviews of 3 organisation members suggested that no automatic or electrical issues were reported,” a National Transportation Safety Board said.

The means of a glow that killed 34 people is nonetheless to be determined.

The vessel held glow on 2 Sep as passengers slept next deck.

Only 5 people survived, all crew. The 75-foot-long (23m) scuba-diving vessel was anchored metres off Santa Cruz Island, about 90 miles (145km) west of Los Angeles.

Rescue organisation recovered a physique of a final plant from a H2O on Monday, military said.

“DNA contrast is still being conducted to endorse identities of 7 of a 34 victims recovered,” Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office pronounced on Twitter.

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