Cannabis oil mum: ‘I’m forced to live abroad to save my child’

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Julie Galloway

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Alexa and Julie Galloway are vital divided from friends and family

A mom who took her exceedingly ill child to a Netherlands for cannabis oil diagnosis says she is now trapped vital abroad.

Julie Galloway left Scotland with seven-year-old Alexa, who has epilepsy and a singular neurological condition, roughly a year ago to live with kin in Rotterdam.

She says she is still vital out of a container and her assets are roughly left – though she fears that returning home though a remedy would put her daughter’s life in danger.

Julie, from Cumbernauld in North Lanarkshire, said: “I feel like a interloper forced to live abroad to save my child.

“I have no other option. we skip my family. My mom and my sister are in Scotland – though my child comes first.

“I wish to come home though we am shocked a remedy will be confiscated. we am struggling to compensate for it and we know this can’t go on forever.”

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Julie Galloway

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Alexa has spent prolonged durations of time in sanatorium after seizures

A chronicle of cannabis oil has been authorized for use in a UK, though doctors have been reluctant to allot it for Alexa.

Medicinal cannabis is now unlawful so doctors can allot it usually if a studious has a need that can’t be met by protected medicines.

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Julie, 49, told a BBC Scotland news website that she motionless to transport to a Netherlands final Jul to find a diagnosis after examination her daughter mellow for 6 months.

She explained: “Alexa was diagnosed with epilepsy during a age of five. She also suffers from a singular neurological condition called Rett Syndrome.

“She was carrying seizures during home though afterwards finished adult in hospital.”

What are a manners in a UK?

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Guidance has been released over a remedy of cannabis oil

The prescribing of cannabis-derived medicines has been authorised in Scotland, England and Wales given 1 Nov 2018.

However, medicinal cannabis is now unlawful – so it can usually be prescribed if a studious has a need that can't be met by protected medicines.

It can't be prescribed by GPs. This has to be finished by a dilettante consultant, for instance in neurology or paediatrics.

One of a arguments opposite a use of a remedy is that there have not been acceptable drug trials to infer a reserve and effectiveness.

As a result, it is magnitude prescribed.

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Julie pronounced that Alexa run-down “very quickly” on remedy that was causing critical side-effects.

“I witnessed her remove simple skills – such as station and celebration from a crater as good as walking – within weeks of being in hospital,” she said.

“I knew a remedy wasn’t operative though doctors kept her on it anyway notwithstanding her still carrying daily seizures.”

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Julie Galloway

Alexa was frequently holding rescue remedy that was designed for occasional use. This suppressed her respirating and caused respiratory distress.

She suffered some-more than 850 grand mal seizures final year and spent 7 months in hospital.

Julie did some investigate and listened that cannabis oil was being used by other children with epilepsy and Rett Syndrome.

‘Showing seductiveness in a universe again’

However, she was incompetent to find a British alloy who could allot medical cannabis oil, so Julie and Alexa left for a Netherlands, where they are staying with family.

Alexa was taken to sanatorium after pang a cluster of seizures. A alloy stopped her remedy final Nov and prescribed cannabis oil.

According to Julie, within a week Alexa “started to uncover seductiveness in a universe again”.

Media captionAnthony and Tannine transport to a Netherlands to obtain cannabis oil for their child

Now, vital out of a container in Rotterdam, Julie is perplexing to fundraise to means a cannabis medication.

She usually managed to lift £300 – adequate for one bottle – by her Alexas Hope Facebook fundraiser.

She is job for a NHS in Scotland to give cannabis prescriptions to children who need them.

She said: “Before, Alexa was carrying seizures of 20 minutes, where she indispensable oxygen and incited blue, indispensable hospitalised, and we suspicion she competence die.

“Now they final about 20 seconds. They have forsaken in magnitude by about 60-70%.

“I feel like we can roughly breathe again.”

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Julie Galloway

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Julie took Alexa to a Netherlands for remedy and now feels she can’t come home though it

She added: “She has been on it for few months now and is solemnly healing. She can splash from a crater again, and can mount and take a few steps.

“Cannabis is not a spectacle cure, though it is positively giving my child and me a improved peculiarity of life.

“We have some kind of normality when before we were walking on eggshells only watchful for a subsequent seizure.”

However, Julie pronounced her assets were roughly left after profitable £400 a month for a treatment.

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Julie Galloway
Alexa’s mum

She can't work since she is caring full-time for Alexa, and knows she will be incompetent to means a remedy in a long-term.

Julie pronounced that if she could get Alexa’s condition stabilised in a entrance months, she wants to lapse to Scotland to join a debate to get a NHS to allot cannabis oil.

But she pronounced she could not lapse to their prior existence.

‘I would do anything’

“I could never go behind to that – worrying she competence die during each seizure.

“I would desire on a travel to compensate for her medication. we would do anything to assistance my child.”

A Scottish supervision mouthpiece said: “We conclude that examination any desired one humour is heart-breaking, even some-more so when it is a child.

“The scheduling of cannabis-based products for medicinal use is indifferent to a UK supervision and we acquire their new preference to reschedule them, permitting dilettante doctors on a GMC dilettante register to allot such products where appropriate.

“We have released superintendence to clinicians, environment out what a regulatory change means in practice.”

She combined that a remedy of remedy was a clinical decision.

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