Christian family systematic to compensate $2.3m

Rembertus Cornelis Beerepoot and Fanny Alida Beerepoot faced Hobart Supreme Court this week overdue roughly $930,000 in income taxation and other accrued charges. Mr Beerepoot told a justice taxation is a form of ownership, that doesn’t rest with a Commonwealth of Australia.

“Ownership is vested in almighty God and it’s him we serve,” he said. “The Commonwealth of Australia has not been postulated a energy of tenure since that is vested in almighty God.” Associate Justice Stephen Holt asked a Beerepoots to find a square of scripture saying we don’t have to compensate tax.

“If we can’t find me a thoroughfare … that says ‘thou shall not compensate tax’ then, we see, we have problem anticipating a starting point,” he said.

Justice Holt referenced a Bible thoroughfare he found during a Google hunt where Jesus tells supporters to compensate a taxation to Caesar and “give behind to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s”.

He systematic a Beerepoots compensate a total $2.327 million, covering income taxation debt, executive costs, other charges and using change comment necessity debt.

In 2017, a span had their skill during Mole Creek in northern Tasmania auctioned by legislature after refusing to compensate about $3,000 value of rates since they pronounced a land belonged to God.

“We trust that a celestial father is emperor and that he reigns today, so we ceremony him and him alone so that his will is determined on a earth,” they wrote in a minute to council.

“You are seeking us to crawl down to a fake God that is something we can't do,” The residence was sole to a poser bidder for $120,000.

The Beerepoots had progressing refused to compensate rates during their Melita Honey Farm cafeteria and emporium in circuitously Chudleigh though were bailed out by an unknown donor in June, 2017.