Coleen Rooney accuses Rebekah Vardy of leaking stories to The Sun

Wayne Rooney with Jamie Vardy. (Source: Twitter)

Wayne Rooney’s wife, Coleen Rooney has indicted Jamie Vardy’s wife, Rebekah Vardy of leaking stories about her father to a English publication newspaper, The Sun, by a post on Twitter on Wednesday.

Coleen Rooney claimed that she was confused as to who was leaking stories to a media for 5 months, and after her review by Instagram, she called out a Leicester City forward’s wife. She posted on her Twitter that her private Instagram stories, that were usually manifest to Rebekah Vardy, were done accessible to a tabloid.

Right after Coleen Rooney’s indictment on a amicable media platform, Rebekah Vardy responded on Twitter denying any involvement.

“I never pronounce to anyone about we as several reporters who have asked me to over a years can attest for. If we suspicion this was function we could have told me and we could have altered my passwords to see if it stopped,” she wrote.

She continued to discuss that “various people” have had entrance to her Instagram criticism on Twitter, and shifted a censure divided from her.  “I’m not being humorous though we don’t need a money, what would we benefit from offered stories on you?” she added.

Among a “false stories” that were leaked, a story on Mexico gender preference was published by The Sun on Aug 15. According to it, Coleen Rooney and her husband, Wayne Rooney had headed to Mexico to demeanour for a approach to have a daughter, where a argumentative diagnosis is legal.

Other stories embody one where Coleen Rooney was eyeing a lapse to radio by holding talks with BBC about signing adult for Strictly Come Dancing on Sep 28, and also another story about how Rooneys’ code new £20million palace had flooded.

With a fume violation out early in a morning on Wednesday, here’s how Twitter reacted:

With Sky News coming Wayne Rooney for a comment, he has remained taken for one.