Darren Pencille: Lee Pomeroy Guildford sight gash assailant jailed for murder

Darren Pencille

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Darren Pencille stabbed his plant 18 times

A male who stabbed a newcomer to genocide in a quarrel on a sight has been found guilty of murder and jailed for life.

Lee Pomeroy was travelling with his 14-year-old son when he was “savagely” stabbed 18 times by Darren Pencille on a Guildford to London service.

Mr Pomeroy died with his son subsequent to him during Horsley hire on 4 January, a day before his 52nd birthday.

Old Bailey jurors deserted Pencille’s explain he acted in self counterclaim and he was systematic to offer during slightest 28 years.

Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb pronounced anyone who watched a “breathtakingly shocking” CCTV footage shown during a hearing would onslaught to see how Pencille could explain to have been behaving in self-defence.

“I am confident we were a invader throughout,” she told him.

The decider told Pencille “you picked on a wrong male – he stood adult for himself”, though she also pronounced Mr Pomeroy had not famous about Pencille’s paranoid schizophrenia.

Sentencing, she said: “Truly this was a meaningless detriment of life.”

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Lee Pomeroy was killed a day before his 52nd birthday

Pencille killed a father-of-one when a “chance encounter” escalated into a demoniac and deadly attack, a justice heard.

He initial stabbed a IT consultant in a neck, afterwards inflicted 17 some-more injuries in a 20 seconds that followed.

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Pencille’s partner Chelsea Mitchell, of Farnham, Surrey, was found guilty by a infancy of 11-1 of aiding him.

She was condemned to 28 months in prison.

Charles Falk, representing Mitchell, pronounced in slackening she had showed a “misguided clarity of faithfulness driven by her dependence.”

The decider pronounced to her: “I am certain we were behaving underneath misled loyalty”, though afterwards combined it was not any arrange of excuse.

Media captionBodycam footage shows a impulse officers detain Darren Pencille

Jurors had listened how Mitchell picked Pencille adult after a killing.

She took him to her Farnham flat, where they lived together. There he shaved off his brave and had a showering before she gathering him to a Surrey beauty mark and afterwards on to revisit his prosaic in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

They returned to her prosaic after that night and were both arrested there in a early hours after a manhunt by police.

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Chelsea Mitchell lived with Pencille during her prosaic in Farnham

The justice listened a plant impact matter from Mr Pomeroy’s widow, Svetlana, who described his murder as a “senseless detriment of life” that had been done worse since it happened in front of their son.

She said: “I skip my father each day and to devalue a conditions [his son] was with his father when he died.

“I have mislaid my friend, my essence partner and my guide. Lee desired life and it’s been rigourously cut short.

“On Friday Jan 4 my life and that of my son altered forever. My father of 18 years died in a sudden, aroused and pathetic way.”

She pronounced her father was a vibrant, rarely intelligent perfectionist, a amatory father and her “guiding light”.

With regards to their son, who can't be named for authorised reasons, Mrs Pomeroy wrote: “He’s fearful to be alone during night. He is shocked of detriment and of losing me. He’s returned to propagandize though seems to have mislaid perspective.”

Media captionThe moments heading adult to Surrey sight stabbing

Mr Pomeroy and his son got into a same carriage as Pencille during London Road, Guildford, and done their approach down a aisle before a quarrel started.

Jurors listened they might have been restraint Pencille’s way, call him to make a remark: “Ignorance is bliss.”

The quarrel escalated into irreverence as Mr Pomeroy demanded an apology, though afterwards Pencille constructed a blade and stabbed him in a neck, slicing by a jugular vein.

The justice listened Pencille, who declined to give justification during his trial, had 14 prior philosophy for 19 opposite offences over a 19-year period, including possession of descent weapons, attack and dishonesty.

In 2010, he had stabbed a flatmate in a neck over a teenager disagreement.

Mitchell had 7 prior philosophy for 10 opposite offences, including assault, melancholy behaviour, dipsomaniac and unfinished poise and battery.

After Pencille and Mitchell were convicted, Jason Corden-Bowen from a Crown Prosecution Service pronounced Pencille murdered Mr Pomeroy by “savagely inflicting 18 wounds”.

He said: “Although he claimed innocence, Pencille did not give justification in court. His claims to be behaving in self-defence were valid to be false.”

Mr Cordon-Bowen said: “This was a heartless and meaningless murdering of an trusting father who has been taken divided from his family.”

Det Ch Insp Sam Blackburn, from British Transport Police described a torpedo as “devious and dangerous”.

He said: “Quite clearly with his prior convictions, where he also stabbed another male in a neck, and his inclination for carrying knives, he showed his dangerous, assertive inlet and that he wasn’t fearful to use that blade on that train.”

Speaking on interest of a family, Mr Blackburn pronounced a brief evidence resulted in a impulse of “shocking violence” that finished with a genocide of an precious father, husband, hermit and son.

He said: “No argument, however heated, should outcome in a attack seen that day and no family members should ever bear witnesses to a aroused genocide of a desired one.”

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