Deepika Padukone Asks Fans to Help Her Pick Outfit Colour for Cannes Film Festival 2019

Social media outlets have turn a one stop resolution for celebrities to bond with their fans. Recently, utilising a energy of her 35 million clever fan bar on Instagram, Deepika put out a check seeking supporters to conflict to her sartorial choice during a French Riviera, where she will travel a red runner for a 72nd book of a Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, May 16.

Judging by a post, Deepika, who dazzles with her character matter each time, be it a infrequent airfield demeanour or a conform extreme Met Gala, seems uncertain about what she will wear during a event. All eyes will be on her as she arrives during a eventuality amidst an environment of supporters. However, before that check out a post that she put adult on her Insta stories about her outfit’s colour for a large night. Her standing reads, “Do we consider i should wear red on a red carpet? Yes or No.”

Deepika Padukone Red Carpet

While we wait to see that tone Deepika will wear on a red runner of a Cannes Film Festival 2019, sufficient it to know that we will not be disappointed.

Apart from Deepika, other Indian celebrities, who will wow a onlookers with their coming on a red runner during Cannes, are Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Daina Penty, Malika Sherawat and Hina Khan. The ladies will seem on a following days after Deepika walks on Thursday.

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