Doctors Reject Minimum Wage In Lagos


Doctors in Lagos State underneath a protection of Medical Guild have deserted a new smallest income paid to workers by a state government, observant it was next a expectations of polite servants, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

Chairman of a Guild, Dr Babajide Saheed, done a doctors’ preference famous on Monday in Lagos.

Saheed pronounced that not usually was a new smallest income unacceptable, a Guild was not partial of a negotiations communicated to government, adding that it was still available response.

He said, “You can't be articulate about a income when we are not there; and when workers started receiving their salaries over a weekend, they were unfortunate and unhappy.

“Not usually a doctors, generally all a polite servants since a increment was unthinkable and brief of expectations.

“The problem we have identified is high taxation.

“No matter a volume of increment in a smallest wage, that creates a sum high, a take home after taxation reductions is peanuts.

“Government should demeanour during that emanate and let workers have a advantages of a new smallest wage, and we wish that a state supervision will listen.”

Saheed called for a grant of taxation on call avocation paid to doctors, observant it would abate a taxation weight on members of a Guild.

Meanwhile, Tunbosun Ogunbanwo, Director, Public Affairs Department, Lagos State Ministry of Health, when contacted pronounced that he could not respond to a guild’s rejecting of a new smallest wage.