Dutch Olympic competitor Madiea Ghafoor jailed in drug bootlegging case

The Dutch Olympic competitor Madiea Ghafoor has been condemned to 8 and a half years in jail on drug charges.

The Dutch Olympic competitor Madiea Ghafoor was condemned to 8 1/2 years in jail on drug charges in Germany on Monday.

The justice in a city of Kleve found Ghafoor intentionally alien around 50 kilograms of enjoyment and dual kilograms of methamphetamine from a Netherlands into Germany in June, a German news group dpa reported.

The 27-year-old Ghafoor reached a European Championship final in a 400 meters final year and was sloping to paint a Netherlands in a 4×400 send during a new universe championships. She also raced a 4×400 during a 2016 Olympics, where a Dutch group was separated in a heats.

Dpa reported Ghafoor’s invulnerability pronounced she motionless to take performance-enhancing drugs to urge her career and believed she was transporting identical substances for other athletes, not narcotics.

She didn’t contend who had given her a drugs to transport, citing fears for her reserve and for that of people tighten to her.

The Dutch lane and margin association pronounced a box would be referred to a country’s doping authority.