Extinction Rebellion ‘not sorry’ after Wiltshire marker equine defaced

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The Extinction Rebellion trademark was speckled on a Wiltshire landmark on Sunday

Environmental protesters contend they are not contemptible for formulating an Extinction Rebellion trademark on a marker horse.

The logo, finished of clothes, was laid on a Alton Barnes equine in Wiltshire, that had been recently re-chalked by propagandize children.

Rob Sutherland, who led July’s re-chalking, pronounced a village has been “absolutely devastated”.

He pronounced children were “disappointed and upset” and “couldn’t know how adults could have finished this”.

James Noble, from Extinction Rebellion Vale of Pewsey, pronounced a logo, that was combined on Sunday morning, had been finished to prominence “that we are destroying a world we live on”.

He pronounced a work internal people and children had finished re-chalking it, “was a illusory job”.

“The final thing we wanted to do was to repairs it. We were really clever of how we walked on it.

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“I’m contemptible that it’s dissapoint people… though we make no apologies about upsetting people, we did a pinnacle not to repairs a horse,” he added.

The trademark was private by a owners of a land on Monday morning.

Mr Sutherland added: “I’ve had lots of people hit me in a past 24 hours. I’ve had to explain to children this morning – they can’t know how adults have finished this.

“They’ve defaced something they’d spent their time and bid doing and they’re positively disgusted.

“They’re disappointed, they’re upset, all of a anger’s there.

“Most importantly it’s only put them off a organisation [Extinction Rebellion] itself.

“You inspire children to do a right thing, we do certain actions and this only hasn’t happened. It’s totally a opposite.”

The relic was easy over a summer with a RAF Chinook helicopter used to ride some-more than 40 tonnes of marker adult a hill.

The initial try was hampered by high winds and pushing rain, though a pursuit was eventually finished in Aug when Year 6 pupils and their relatives finished a facelift.

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