Fan in Markle selfie charge speaks out

Tennis fan Hasan Hasanov, 58, was warned off as he took a design from a quarrel in front of Meghan’s VIP seat, The Sun reports.

But a oil and gas reserve operative was usually holding a selfie on his iPhone with a players in a credentials and was confused to be asked by a minder: “Please give them privacy.”

Hasan, who queued from 5am and paid £25 for his Court One seat, pronounced he did not know a Duchess was there and suspicion a bodyguard was seeking him not to sketch a players with their shirts off.

He said: “I overtly couldn’t unequivocally caring reduction about holding a design of Meghan, Harry or any of a royals — and, if we did, I’d ask first. we was most some-more meddlesome in removing a video of Roger Federer in action.”

New silent Meghan’s weird design anathema came as she watched Serena Williams with dual pals final week.

It done front page news in The Sun and sparked annoy over her cranky opinion towards stately fans.

The Duchess of Sussex watches Serena Williams. Photo credit: Express Syndication/MEGA

The Duchess of Sussex watches Serena Williams. Photo credit: Express Syndication/MEGA

Azerbaijan-born Hasan was photographed being ticked off by her bodyguard though was unknowingly of his brush with kingship as he had left a nation for a holiday in Switzerland.

Hasan, from Wallington, South London, usually found out when his daughter sent him a snap of a front page of a The Sun.

He said: “It seemed crazy to me since all we did was take a selfie to send to my wife. we was in a best chair I’d ever had in 15 years of queuing adult for Wimbledon and wanted to uncover off since she didn’t get out of bed to join me.”

A Royal bodyguard approached Hasan Hasanov.

A Royal bodyguard approached Hasan Hasanov.Source:Getty Images

Grandad Hasan, who is married to Olga, 54, and has daughters Diana, 32, and Nara, 28, queued from a early hours to get his seat.

He started during series 1400 in a line though was gay to learn he had landed a primary mark on a uncover court.

Hasan, a member of a tennis bar in Purley, South London, said: “I couldn’t trust my fitness when we got there since a usually limitation was spasmodic carrying a referee between me and a players.”

Hasan Hasanov's selfie during Wimbledon.

Hasan Hasanov’s selfie during Wimbledon.Source:The Sun

He has been vital in London for 20 years, was recently awarded British citizenship and describes himself as a monarchist who thinks a stately family is good for a country.

And he will not let his brush with capricious Meghan, 37, put him off.

Hasan told The Sun: “I know lots of people would like to get cinema of Meghan and we know people get cranky when she gets dissapoint since she’s a open figure.

Hasan Hasanov was told to pierce along.

Hasan Hasanov was told to pierce along.Source:Getty Images

“I won’t be removing cranky about this since — to be honest — we had no thought what was going on until days later. And I’ll stay a fan of a royals.”

Buckingham Palace says royals mostly insist on no photos so they can “properly rivet with people and events”.

This story creatively seemed on The Sun and has been republished with permission