Five bizarre deaths haunt suburb

Ms Birch, whose ex-boyfriend has now been charged with her 2011 manslaughter, is only one of 5 people whose questionable or puzzling deaths have blighted a same suburban retard over a decade.

The deaths are in no approach related and Ms Birch’s ex-boyfriend is not suspected of being concerned in a other incidents.

Those other deaths and an purported “satanic” murdering of a baby and a self-murder by unresolved have uneasy residents of a differently still neighbourhood.

The retard of around 100 houses along a kilometre of highway that encompasses Cotterill Avenue, Woods Avenue and Wynn Street lies nearby a railway hire in Woonona, a northern beachside suburb of Wollongong, 70km south of Sydney.

Since 2008, along a one residential block, there has been a heartless murder of a teenage lady and afterwards 18 months later, a genocide of Ms Birch, both of whose decomposed bodies were after found dumped in wheelie bins.

It started with a genocide and probable murder of a male who died in a questionable glow in a residence during 27 Cotterill Avenue, Woonona.

Then in 2014, 17 doors adult during 61 Cotterill Avenue, 36-year-old Renae Micallef was found passed beside her eight-month-old aged baby son, Dylan.

Miraculously, even yet Ms Micallef had died 5 days earlier, baby Dylan was alive.

One neighbour pronounced another genocide had occurred on Cotterill Street when “a lady gave birth and immediately killed her baby since she suspicion it was a demon”.

And on Mar 14 this year, 52-year-old Ronald Quirk, left home on Cotterill Avenue in a blue sedan.

He was reported blank by a relations who saw him expostulate off.

CCTV picture of Valmai Jane Birch during Wollongong Railway station, Mar 9, 2011, days before her death. Picture: NSW PoliceSource:AAP

Police detain Valmai Birch’s ex-boyfriend David Bagster on Tuesday and assign him with her 2011 manslaughter. Picture: NSW Police.Source:Supplied

Valmai Birch before she fell into drugs and prostitution. Picture: NSW Police.Source:Supplied

The physique of Ms Birch (above) was found in a wheelie bin.Source:Supplied

Body in bin genocide #1: Louise O’Brien, 18, during 26 Wynn Avenue, Woonona

By a time Louise Marie O’Brien went to live with mostly strangers during 26 Wynn Street, Woonona, her life was already comfortless and unhappy.

The petite teenager, who neighbours after described as “fragile”, had turn disloyal from her possess mother.

Befriended by fair worker, Tracey Taylor, Louise changed into a Housing Department home that already housed 8 of Taylor’s children.

In a close house, Louise was treated like “a dogsbody” by Taylor’s 73-year-old mother, Patricia Goddard, Wollongong Local Court heart during Goddard’s 2012 committal hearing.

The justice listened a declare told military that Goddard shaved Louise’s head, done a lady eat from a unwashed bowl, shoved pepper, salt and salsa into her mouth and even forced her to eat her possess scabs off a floor.

Louise O’Brien had a short, unfortunate life before she was abused, beaten and killed during Wynn Street, Woonona, her physique dumped in a wheelie bin and buried 3km away.Source:Supplied

Police during 26 Wynn Street Woonona, where Louise O’Brien was killed with a produce and her physique buried 3km divided in a wheelie bin.Source:News Limited

The same declare also purported Goddard had tied Louise’s hands to a chair when a teen complained about soaking adult and forced her to splash toilet water.

Louise’s conduct was shaved after a 18-year-old had attempted slicing her possess hair.

Crown Prosecutor Nic Borosh told a committal Louise died on or about Oct 12, 2008, after Goddard struck her in a detonate of annoy with a hammer, attack Louise in a jaw.

The teen suffered a subdural haemorrhage to her brain.

Mr Borosh told a justice that as Louise’s condition deteriorated, on advice, Goddard placed her in a cold bath to try and revitalise her.

The side yard where Louise was buried.Source:News Limited

Louise, 18, was treated like an animal.Source:Supplied

The justice was told Louise died someday after and a preference was allegedly done not to warning a authorities though instead, dispose of her body.

Ms O’Brien was dumped into a red wheelie bin and taken some-more than 3km to a backyard of Goddard’s home on Chounding Crescent, Bellambi.

Mr Borosh claimed another chairman paid a male $80 to “dig a hole to bury a passed dog”. However, Goddard after pronounced she spent dual days digging a 2m-deep hole before shoving Louise O’Brien’s physique in a bin and into a dirt.

Ms O’Brien’s grave was in fact only 5 doors adult from a home where her disloyal mom was living.

Back during Wynn Street, Woonona, neighbours insincere Louise had “run divided to join a circus”.

In Mar 2011, behaving on a tip off, military dug adult a behind yard of a Chounding Crescent house.

Forensic officers during a Bellambi skill where Louise O’Brien’s stays were dug in inside a wheelie bin.Source:Supplied

They found Ms O’Brien’s stays inside a bin that was dug in, dual metres between a fibro residence and a joist fence.

Police contend a girl’s mom Kathy McDonald was in “shock and horror” to learn this, desiring that Louise was somewhere, still alive.

A neighbour of a Wynn Street, Woonona residence after described Louise as “always so lovely”. However, nonetheless another pronounced shortly before she vanished, Louise had looked “skinny”

and “like she was dipsomaniac … she couldn’t travel scrupulously … she didn’t contend anything, she only shook her head”.

In 2012, Patricia Goddard pleaded guilty to Ms O’Brien’s manslaughter.

Suspicious residence fire: Ross Wilton during 27 Cotterill Avenue, Woonona

Ross Wilton had transient from an unfortunate matrimony before he died in a questionable glow that military during a time believed could have been an arson murder.Source:Supplied

In March, 2008, Ross Wilton was still broken-hearted after a subdivision from his mom several years earlier.

Consoling himself with complicated drinking, a father-of-three was diagnosed with potentially depot liver repairs in Jan of that year.

On a night of Mar 4, a licentiate was celebration with another male inside his fibro Housing Department home on Cotterill Avenue, Woonona.

Around 2am, neighbours beheld black fume billowing from a residence and called a glow brigade.

Fireman found Mr Wilton’s physique inside a charred residence and military dynamic a crime scene, confirming a glow as suspicious.

Police after pronounced Mr Wilton might have been murdered.

A male staying with Mr Wilton was treated for fume transformation during Wollongong Hospital. He was after interviewed by Wollongong detectives and released.

Friends described Mr Wilton as “a pleasing soul” and neighbours along Cotterill Avenue were repelled and saddened by a genocide of a “friendly and sociable” man.

The father-of-three was found in a charred disadvantage of this home (above). Picture: Core Logic.Source:Supplied

Where Mr Wilton’s residence was burnt down during Cotterill Avenue, Woonona is now a empty block. Picture: Google.Source:Supplied

Body in bin genocide #2: Valmai Jane Birch, 34, during Flat 5/1 Woods Avenue, Woonona

Valmai Jane Birch already had a drug problem when she changed into a townhouse on Woods Avenue, Woonona.

Neighbours beheld her “spaced out” on a street.

But a 34-year-old was reportedly perplexing to cover from a heroin obsession that had led her into a life of prostitution.

In early Mar 2011, neighbours remember conference noises opening from her home.

Some time after they beheld a clever smell opening from a prosaic Ms Birch occupied, and around 10pm on Mar 22, 2011, military from a Wollongong Local Area Command attended a section block.

Forensic military during a stage on Woods Avenue, Woonona where Valmai Jane Birch’s physique was detected after neighbours beheld a tainted odour.Source:News Limited

A former beloved has now been charged with a murdering of Valmai Jane Birch whose physique was found inside a wheelie bin in a flats (above).Source:News Limited

Inside, officers found a stays of a lady in a wheelie bin inside a flat’s bathroom.

Forensic examiners dynamic a physique had been in a bin for several weeks. nonetheless a post mortem was incompetent to establish how she died.

They after expelled what they trust are a final photographs of Ms Birch alive, held on CCTV during Wollongong Railway station, on Mar 9, 2011.

They appealed to anyone who might have oral to or seen Ms Birch around that time.

Early on Tuesday morning, military arrested 52-year-old David William Bagster during Kiama, south of Wollongong, and charged him with a murdering of his ex-girlfriend, Ms Birch.

Detective Acting Superintendent Jason Dickson told Nine Newspapers that during a time of a purported corruption Ms Birch and Mr Bagster “were disloyal from any other, nonetheless they were still in hit and associating”.

Police purported their 12-month attribute had been characterised by drug use and a “volatile story of domestic violence”.

Mr Bagster seemed in Wollongong Local Court on Tuesday and was remanded in control until Nov 27.

David Bagster arrested over genocide of Valmai Birch. Picture: NSW Police.Source:Supplied

Last famous picture of Valmai Birch in 2011.Source:Supplied

Mother death, baby miracle: Renae Micallef, 36, during 61 Cotterill Avenue, Woonona

Residents on Cotterill Avenue, Woonona woke on a morning of Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 to find their travel was a crime scene.

Police had breached a front doorway of a fibro open housing home of Renae Micallef after authorities reported a mom of a baby child had not responded to a note left by authorities 5 days earlier.

The neighbours were informed with Renae, who was mostly seen in a street, chatting or walking to a shops with her tot son, Dylan.

Baby Dylan Micallef was miraculously found alive with his mom 5 days after she died from an apparent drug overdose in 2014.Source:Supplied

Baby Dylan was found alive 5 days after his mom died from drugs during this residence on Cotterill Avenue, Woonona. Picture: Core Logic.Source:Supplied

The 36-year-old had lived in a tiny home for several years, following a motorbike collision that left her with ongoing behind pain, a baggy and an obsession to pain killers.

The clinging mom had tender on her neighbours that she had incited her life around.

She had recently spent adult during Big W with supervision baby reward money, selling countless equipment for her son.

But on a morning in question, military found Ms Micallef passed on a building of a house.

Alongside her was her eight-month-old Dylan, alive, though in a run-down condition.

Rushed to a Wollongong hospital, afterwards eliminated to a Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick, Dylan done a solid recovery.

Renae Micallef had only spent her baby reward on equipment for eight-month-old Dylan (above) when she was found passed during Woonona.Source:Supplied

Neighbours were shocked.

“She’d come behind from a selling debauch with lots of bags, all things for a baby,” a neighbour who did not wish to be identified said.

“We knew she’d had problems, though she looked unequivocally happy.”

“She was doing unequivocally good and now this,” another neighbour said.

”We’re all only stunned. It was an accident. There’s no approach she would have left her small child on his own.

“She was really happy. We’re all devastated.”

Body found 30km away: Ronald Quirk, Cotterill Avenue, Woonona.

Ronald Quirk, 52, left home on Cotterill Avenue on Mar 14, 2019, and his physique found dumped during Appin 5 days later.Source:Supplied

On Mar 14 this year, father-of-five Ronald Quirk, left in a blue sedan from a home on Cotterill Avenue.

A relations saw him expostulate off in a car and a 52-year-old was after reported missing.

Six days later, Mr Quirk’s physique was found nearby Appin, on a route during a opening of a Dharawal National Park, around 30km north of where he was final seen.

Police reported that initial inquiries suggested a resources surrounding a genocide were not suspicious.