Gang counsel ‘signed possess genocide warrant’

On a initial of dual nights, a Sky News documentary Lawyer X: The Untold Story reveals Gobbo’s contemptuous double life as both a counsel for a Melbourne underworld and a purebred informe­r for Victoria Police.

It shows how a attorney from one of Victoria’s many reputable families became a double-agent and military informer, handing over tip information on her high-profile mafiosi clients.

Gobbo shielded some of a biggest criminals in Victoria, including drug duke Carl Williams who has given been slain in prison, drug nobleman Rob Karam, and gangland trainer Tony Mokbel.

People are astounded that mafiosi counsel and military adviser Nicola Gobbo is ‘still alive’.Source:Supplied

Nicola Gobbo, could have turn a Supreme Court judge, a Sky News documentary says.Source:Supplied

The ‘Lawyer X’ liaison has rocked Victoria’s military and authorised establishments and stirred a stately elect into a state military force’s control during a Melbourne gangland fight and a exchange with informants.

Ms Gobbo is approaching to appea­r before a commission.

The Sky News show, that will be accessible on Foxtel On Demand, investigates how Gobbo bewitched Melbourne gangsters into desiring she was on “on their side”.

But all a while she was a paid adviser for Victoria Police, earning an “allowance, unison tickets, trips overseas” and in a finish a $2.88m taxpayer saved payout after she sued a military for unwell to strengthen her.

Nicola Gobbo with gangland boss, Tony Mokbel and Melbourne barrister, Con Heliotis, QC, (right) outward a Magistrates Court.Source:News Limited

Nicola Gobbo trod a line between a military in Victoria and a gangsters. Picture: ABC TV.Source:ABC

Nicola Gobbo with mafiosi Carl Williams during his daughter Dhakota’s christening celebration during Melbourne’s Crown Casino in 2003.Source:Supplied

Presented by Peter Stefanovic, ‘Lawyer X: The Untold Story’ investigates how Nicola Gobbo managed to use charisma, attract and faux-antipathy towards Victoria Police in sequence to dope some of Australia’s many feared criminals in to meditative that she was ‘on their side.’ Ms Gobbo, who double-crossed gangsters and military alike, is a executive figure in a ‘Lawyer X’ scandal, that has rocked Victoria’s military and authorised establishments. ‘Lawyer X: The Untold Story’ is accessible on-demand on Foxtel.

The initial part of a two-part array concentrates on a 2004 murder of military adviser Terry Hodson and his wife, Christine, who were executed in their suburban vital room.

The group of Herald Sun reporters and Sky News behind a documentary exhibit that this valid Gobbo’s undoing.

Mr Hodson was concerned in a 1993 spoliation of a drug residence and was due to attest opposite former Victorian drug patrol investigator Paul Dale.

Mr Hodson was Ms Gobbo’s client, and she was in a attribute with Paul Dale.

Mr Dale, who appears on part one of Lawyer X, denies a allegations.

Gobbo, above in 2018, is a niece of a former Governor of Victoria. Picture: Ian Currie.Source:News Corp Australia

Nicola Gobbo, above with strike male Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamen and Carl Williams, both given murdered, is during risk herself, a documentary warns.Source:Supplied

Presented by Peter Stefanovic, ‘Lawyer X: The Untold Story’ investigates how Nicola Gobbo was ‘given an allowance’ and other losses by a Victorian military force over an extended duration of time as she waited to attest for a hearing that never eventuated. The attribute between Ms Gobbo and military eventually started to deteriorate, as she incited from military adviser into polite litigant. The ‘Lawyer X’ liaison is staid to raze into a open alertness as new revelations are suggested during a Royal Commission that is now underway. ‘Lawyer X: The Untold Story’ is accessible on-demand on Foxtel.

But Terry and Christine Dodson’s lamentation daughters contend they wish a law to come out during a Royal Commission about what accurately Ms Gobbo knew or did.

Solicitor Michael Pena-Rees told Sky that he had turn wakeful in 2011 Ms Gobbo was a double representative and that she had some-more than one attribute with a military officer.

In prior interviews with Ms Gobbo, she says she has lived “with a grade of hyper commitment and fear” given being unprotected as a military informant.

Veteran publisher Derryn Hinch told a documentary: “I’m vacant she’s still alive.”

In a teaser for a show’s second episode, an associate of Ms Gobbo’s says he told her that on signing a certain request “Nic … we consider we pointer your genocide warrant”.

Sky News arch executive Paul Whittaker pronounced that Victoria Police had contacted Sky a fortnight ago and requested a observation of a documentary array tapes in advance.

The documentary says Gobbo, a niece of former Governor of Victoria Sir James Gobbo, once had “the intensity to turn a Supreme Court judge”.