Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL Users Are Reporting a Bug That Randomly Shuts Down Their Phone

Google’s latest affordable Android flagship has usually arrived on a scene, and apparently it already has some issues. Several users of Google’s Pixel 3a and 3a XL are angry of a pointless shutdown problem plaguing a smartphones. Numerous Reddit reports quoted by contend that Pixel 3a users have started to “experience pointless shutdowns from both a Pixel 3a and 3a XL phones, with a tough reboot (sometimes requiring a user to reason a energy symbol for adult to 30 seconds) being a usually approach to move a phone back.

“I had 3 shutdowns yesterday, including overnight, causing me to skip my arise alarm,” pronounced one Redditor, who pronounced a emanate continued even after he had also attempted regulating a phone “in ‘Safe Mode’ to discharge any possibility of a third celebration app causing it.” Another Reddit print remarkable a emanate usually seemed to start when a device was connected to Wi-Fi, and that “Leaving a phone with WiFi off seems to forestall a crashing altogether.”

Another user who reported a emanate to Google pronounced he had been suggested to do a bureau reset of a phone, that valid to be an effective solution. Others pronounced they had opted to lapse or sell their handsets. “Google has nonetheless to publicly acknowledge a shutdown problem, so it’s different either it skeleton to emanate a firmware refurbish to solve it. The hunt giant’s prior handset, Google Pixel 3, was tormented with early bugs, however, they were eventually bound in a confidence update,” according to a website.

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