GP ‘ghost patients’ to be investigated by NHS rascal squad

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The NHS rascal patrol is questioning GPs in England amid suspicions they are claiming for self-existent patients.

Doctors get £150 a year for any studious on their list, though annals uncover there were 3.6 million some-more patients in a complement final year than there were people in England.

The inequality stirred NHS England to occupy a association to start chasing adult these supposed spook patients.

The NHS Counter Fraud Authority is now rising a possess investigation.

Doctors’ leaders have always insisted a emanate of spook patients many mostly has an trusting explanation, such as instances where patients have died or changed but a trust of their GP.

It is accepted a list-cleaning exercise, being carried out for NHS England by a business services association Capita has started to see a rebate in a numbers being claimed for.

It has focused on patients who have not visited their alloy for 5 years.

Attempts have been done to hit those patients and where they have not been found they have been deregistered from a practice.

But NHS rascal investigators have been carrying out some representation contrast of transactions, that a BBC understands has identified some “anomalies” that have lifted suspicions.

The rascal group will now lift out a full research of annals hold by NHS England and a NHS Business Services Authority, that discharge a payments systems to GP practices, to see if doctors have been fraudulently claiming for patients.

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Investigators trust a appropriation complement for purebred patients is quite exposed to fraud.

The normal GP has around 1,700 patients on their list so a payments make adult a poignant cube of their income.

The rascal group have estimated that adult to £88m might be being wrongly claimed for – around 1% of a GP budget.

NHS rascal arch Susan Frith pronounced a concentration on GPs was only one of a series of priorities for a entrance year.

“By preventing fraud, by identifying it and rebellious it effectively where it occurs, and by seeking to redeem moneys mislaid to rascal we can safeguard that changed NHS supports are used for their dictated purpose of studious care.”

Dr Richard Vautrey, of a British Medical Association, pronounced it would be wrong to burst to conclusions.

“Some of these will be people that have recently died, or left a country, others might be homeless or simply unaccounted for in supervision statistics, and we would be endangered during any idea that any discrepancies are down to determined dishonesty by industrious GPs.”

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