Happy Birthday Herge: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Herge & Tintin

One of a iconic comic characters, Tintin was brought to life by Gorges Prosper Remi, some-more lovingly famous as Herge. Herge was innate on May 22, 1907, in Etterbeek, Belgium. He was a Belgian cartoonist was many popularly famous for his work The Adventures of Tintin.

He combined Tintin as a immature contributor and adventurer who, along with his dog Snowy, travels around a star to collect stories. Herge published a initial Tintin book in 1930 with pretension Tintin in a Land of Soviets.

As a creator celebrates his 112th birthday today, here are a few lesser-known contribution about a comic impression Tintin.

1. Tintin comics have sole some-more than 240 million copies worldwide and has been translated to over 70 languages.

2. In his comic Prisoners of a Sun, Tintin explored a moon in 1954. This is 15 years before Neil Armstrong initial landed on Moon.

3. While Tintin has explored many countries in his comics, Herge hasn’t visited a singular nation in his lifetime.

4. Tintin’s dog Snowy has stolen many hearts and even done cameo appearances in ‘The Simpsons’ in a part ‘Husbands and Knives’ and in ‘South Park’ in a part ‘Imagination land Episode III’.

5. Tintin’s adventures were remade into a film patrician ‘The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of a Unicorn’ in 2011, that destined by mythological Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg, who bought a general film rights to a impression in a early 1980s itself.

6. The array ‘Tintin in Tibet’ was a many intelligent and romantic story of Herge, and a array was heavily shabby by his shaken breakdown.

7. Remember a famous characters of Thompson twins? It was desirous by Herge’s father and uncle, who were twins. In fact, a impression of Opera thespian Castafiore is pronounced to be desirous by Herge’s grandmother.

8. In Sep 2017, French philosopher Vincent Cespede combined a hum with his speculation that Tintin was a girl. However, he supposed that it was his viewpoint and was feign news.

9. In a strange chronicle of a Tintin comic, created in French, Tintin’s dog is named Milou, that is a reverence to Hergé’s initial girlfriend, Marie-Louise Van Cutsem, whom he fondly called Milou.

10. Tintin star is an all-men universe, where a protagonist and all his friends are men. There is no womanlike impression in a lead role, solely for a show thespian Bianca Castafiore.
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