How Mercedes pennyless the one large rule

Until now, families who indispensable a seven-seat Benz SUV had to spend $120,000 on a huge GLS, apparatus levels were tied to how most engine we could means and business could design a pretty discriminating float yet shelling out for costly options.

That’s no longer a case. Bigger than before, a new GLE takes aim during a Audi Q7 with a seven-seat choice (for $3900) for a initial time.

Mercedes GLE: Starting cost is $100K; seven-seat choice adds $3900

Mercedes GLE: Starting cost is $100K; seven-seat choice adds $3900Source:Supplied

Standard container includes 20-inch wheels, all-wheel drive, mistake leather with open-pore timber trim and exhilarated front seats. Regardless of that class we choose, tech includes twin 12.3-inch digital displays, LED headlights, pushing assistance pack, intelligent keys and 360-degree camera.

That’s good news for people with $99,900 to spend on a entry-level GLE 300d four-cylinder diesel (180kW/550Nm), as oppulance brands customarily haven reward facilities for some-more costly grades with large engines.

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Pay another $18,000 for six-cylinder diesel energy in a GLE 400d and you’ll get an additional 63kW/200Nm yet no serve reserve or convenience.

The same goes for a six-cylinder GLE 450 petrol (270kW/500Nm) for $111,341 and on-roads.

All 3 demeanour eloquent interjection to flared guards, huge wheels and commanding grille. Wide of physique and planted of stance, a GLE tempts buyers with a butch appeal.

Inside, a infotainment screens brush opposite a lurch abutted by distinguished squeeze handles and a accessible touchpad for a infotainment. The set-up looks marvellous and is easy to use on a move, even if a “Hey Mercedes” voice-activation is hit-and-miss.

Dash of style: Infotainment set-up is easy to use on a move

Dash of style: Infotainment set-up is easy to use on a moveSource:Supplied

There’s copiousness of space in a second quarrel with 70mm of additional legroom interjection to a shifting back bench. Fully forward, it enables 630L of load storage in five-seat mode.

Of march buyers can spend adult to customise a GLE to accommodate their requirements. The tough-looking $9900 AMG Sport package shown here brings 21-inch wheels, bigger circle arches, solid grille and interior niceties such as wireless phone charging and breathtaking sunroof.

Leather trim is $3000, 25-speaker Burmester audio costs an eye-watering $9700. Towing ability is 3500kg and a towbar to hoop it is $1900.

Most constrained of a options is a $3400 atmosphere cessation package with adaptive dampers.

The customary steel-sprung set-up lags good behind rivals for float comfort and physique control, jiggling unnecessarily over surfaces doubtful to difficulty an Audi Q7 or BMW X5.

Time in both of those cars shortly before a Benz launch illustrated how underdone a customary cessation is.

Ride query: The steel open cessation lags rivals yet discretionary atmosphere cessation is a remedy

Ride query: The steel open cessation lags rivals yet discretionary atmosphere cessation is a remedySource:Supplied

No coincidence, a manufacturer placed most importance on E-Active Body Control underpinnings during a Paris engine uncover debut. A $13,000 choice on a GLE, it scans a highway brazen for potholes or bumps, pre-adjusting a cessation in fractions of a second.

It leans into bends to make passengers some-more gentle when cornering, and even jumps adult and down on a mark to get out of low sand. Or to uncover off in a driveway.

We are penetrating to try as shortly as it is accessible locally. The same goes for six-cylinder engines expected to feel free compared to a overworked 4 underneath a carp of a GLE 300d. It doesn’t feel like a engine fitting a Mercedes during this price.

Otherwise discriminating to drive, with loads of grip, crafty motorist aids and discerning nine-speed involuntary transmission, a GLE is a excellent automobile with a strongest child reserve rating of any automobile tested by ANCAP.

Verdict 3/5

A technological jump over a predecessor, a new GLE is a step brazen for display and practicality, yet shaken customary cessation leaves room for improvement.


Mercedes-Benz GLE 300D vitals

Price: From $99,900 and on-roads

Warranty/servicing: 3 years/unlimited km, $2700 for 3 years

Safety: 5 stars, 9 airbags, AEB, active cruise, line gripping assistance, back cranky trade alert, trade jam assistance

Engine: 2.0-litre 4-cyl turbo diesel, 180kW/500Nm

Thirst: 6.9L/100km

Boot: 630L