Is this SUV a discount or overpriced?

That relates to new and used comparison — one from a salon can be as low as $28,990 drive-away, while for half that cost we can have a 2015 preloved version.

For those on a bill wanting a space and seating ability (five or 7 seats), this mid-size SUV is a plain choice for flourishing families and active-lifestylers preferring a aloft pushing position.

Most owners are confident and trustworthiness issues are utterly isolated, interjection generally to Mitsubishi’s five-year guaranty still covering examples of this vintage, a ZK series, as prolonged as they’ve trafficked underneath 100,000km.

Seven seats in many Outlanders is a good offered point, even if a rearmost are unequivocally for kids only. The cabin’s roomy, there’s good foot space (477L) with 5 seats up, float comfort is generally considerable and a extraneous styling still looks fresh.

Most Outlanders will still be lonesome by a brand’s five-year/100,000km warranty.Source:Supplied

On a downside, a utterly gutless petrol 2.0-litre can splash a fuel and there are a whiny invariably non-static transmission, antiquated infotainment and inexpensive plasticky feel to a cabin, even in aloft spec models.

There’s copiousness of choice: 2WD or 4WD; petrol, diesel or PHEV plug-in hybrid. There are even a few primer examples out there.

Standard on a entry-level LS were 18-inch alloys, LED daytime using lights and behind lights, colour touchscreen, behind camera and sensors, journey control, 7 airbags and leather steering wheel.

Mid-range XLS class total a seven-inch shade with satnav, twin section meridian control, automobile headlights and wipers and colour LCD display.

The Outlander binds a value really well.Source:Supplied

Range-topping Exceeds brought exhilarated leather seating (power for driver), unconstrained puncture braking, adaptive journey control, intelligent pivotal and start, automobile tailgate, sunroof and chrome doorway handles.

The 2WDs came with a 2.0-litre, a LS with five-speed primer gearbox or CVT, a latter customary on XLS grade.

The 4WD versions had gutsier 2.4-litre petrol engine with CVT, while XLS and Exceed grades had a 2.2-litre diesel choice with required six-speed auto. The diesel’s got good pulling power, top towing ability during 2000kg, and best real-world fuel economy.

Owners news a petrol engines typically splash a lot some-more than Mitsubishi’s quoted 6.7L-7.2L.

Keeping line of a seating options can be confusing. LS grade, by distant a biggest seller, came with 5 or 7 — best lift a tailgate and check.

This Safety Pack chronicle is a good family choice with active reserve such as AEB, line depart warning and adaptive journey control.

The cabin feels a bit cheap.Source:Supplied

The 2017 versions got revised suspension, twin section aircon and smartphone connectivity, while Exceeds upped reserve pack even further.

In Apr that year came updated a Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid with pristine electric pushing operation of 54km, that is reasonable, and it’s not a bad approach to drop a toe in electric automobile life.

What to demeanour for

For assent of mind, aim Outlanders with reduction than 100,000km to say a guaranty coverage. If we have a family, a seven-seaters assistance future-proof your life somewhat, and prioritise those with a Safety Pack.

Smartphone connectivity on post-September 2016 versions is glorious and should be your preference; owners of progressing vehicles complain about infotainment and Bluetooth.

The 4WDs are utterly versatile though for city dwellers, 2WDs are cheaper. Diesel versions are a collect for unchanging prolonged trips or towing.

Ensure we can endure a 2.0’s miss of energy if that’s your choice. The CVT takes some removing used to though reject any Outlander with dodgy whirry noises, or clunky, ticking sounds from a engine.

Check a touchscreen for functionality — some owners have problems here — and safeguard all chair belt buckles click in correctly, another remarkable issue. The inexpensive cosmetic cabins can symbol easily.

Check a front bumper’s steel tools as some have rusted.

If a PHEV appeals, check if it’s suitable for your pushing life. Short propagandize runs and city commutes are where it creates many sense.

There have been countless recalls — perspective to safeguard all have been carried out. A new use during a Mitsubishi play is a good pointer all will have been completed.

Iain says 3.5/5

It’s good value for a mid-size SUV, generally in seven-seat layout, and is proof reliable. Favour MY17 versions for improved pack and copiousness of bureau guaranty remaining. Entry LS grades demeanour best value though don’t compensate too much: we can get a new one for reduction than $30K drive-away.

Owners says

John Filmer: We bought a 2016 Exceed Diesel second palm for towing a camper trailer. It has good power, earnings 7.5L/100km on nation trips and even with a camper in draw still does reduction than 10L. it simply takes on 4WD marks and creeks. Access is good for a 96-year-old mother. It’s a bit like a Tardis. The additional behind seats are a strike with grandkids and we can even fit a bucket of groceries. we would have desired a 12V hollow in a back, some behind newcomer aircon vents and a bit some-more leg support on a front seats — which, being leather are also a bit tough on a behind finish for prolonged trips.

Terry Owen: My 2016 Exceed is really arguable and good versed and suits my needs. The styling’s a immeasurable alleviation over a prior model. A teenager grizzle is with a digital radio — some channels are in mono. we will stay with Mitsubishi code when we need a draw vehicle.

Allan Roberts: My LS, bought new final year, hasn’t finished many kilometres though I’m happy with opening and fuel economy generally — 9.0L-12.5L/100km. Ride is good, as is a technology, trim is all cosmetic and oppressive and a outmost bodywork fit is fair. It has many of a bells and whistles we wish and was a cheapest in this range. It has a full-size gangling and good foot space with 5 seats adult — though roughly zero in seven-seat layout.

The experts say

Mitsubishi sole some-more than 36,000 examples of this array Outlander. The base-grade LS comprises three-quarters of used listings, a flagship Exceed accounts for only 5 per cent and a many affordable plug-in, a PHEV LS, represents only 1 per cent.

The primer front-drive LS from 2015 ($28,490 new) is valued during $16,650. The Exceed diesel automobile 4WD ($46,490 new) is still value $28,500.

For 2018, a LS ($28,750 new) fetches $21,000 and a PHEV Exceed ($55,490 new) is offered for $39,900.

Against such rivals as a Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson, Toyota RAV4 and Nissan
X-Trail, a Outlander has mislaid many in depreciation, that does not indispensably simulate a station among owners.

Values might have been dragged down by a plug-ins, that decrease faster than required counterparts — definition possibly chronicle represents good-value buying, during a right price

2016-2018 Mitsubishi Outlander

Price new: $28,490-$55,490

Safety: 5 stars

Engines: 2.0-litre 4-cyl, 110kW/190Nm; 2.4-litre 4-cyl, 124kW/220Nm;
2.2-litre 4-cyl turbo diesel, 110kW/360Nm; 2.0-litre 4-cyl, 87kW/186Nm and electric motors (120kW/332Nm combined)

Transmission: 5-speed man, CVT,
6-speed auto; FWD/4WD

Thirst: 1.7L-6.2L-7.2L/100km

Towing: 1500kg (PHEV), 1600kg (petrol), 2000kg (diesel)