Kenya financial apportion Henry Rotich arrested for corruption

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Henry Rotich took out a vast journal ad to repudiate any wrongdoing

Kenya’s financial apportion has surrendered himself to a military after a arch prosecutor systematic his detain over allegations of corruption.

Henry Rotich is indicted of flouting buying procedures in awarding a agreement value over $450m (£405m) for a construction of dual dams to a Italian association CMC de Ravenna.

In Mar Mr Rotich denied any indiscretion in a vast journal advert.

The association has also denied a accusations.

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Director of open prosecutions Noordin Haji is also questioning how a proposal was awarded for $170m some-more than was in a strange contract.

“It was determined that a conception, buying and remuneration routine for a dam projects were riddled with large illegalities,” he said.

He has systematic a detain of some-more than 20 other people indicted of being concerned in a contract, including other tip officials and a directors of CMC de Ravenna.

Earlier this year, internal media reported that files from a review suggested purchases that didn’t seem to make clarity for a dam construction project, including during slightest $38,000 that had allegedly been spent on bedding.

Mr Haji told a BBC’s Ferdinand Omondi that “the contracts that were entered into and a loans that were taken were not in a interests of Kenyans though were portion other interests” and “the nation has mislaid utterly a bit of money”.

More than $200m has already been spent on a dam projects – nonetheless a dams do not exist yet.