Lupita Nyong’o open to returning for Us supplement if Jordan Peele directs

Lupita Nyong’o starrer Us was destined by Jordan Peele.

Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o has altered her position about not appearing in a supplement to her fear strike Us, observant she is adult for a follow-up to a story supposing destined Jordan Peele returns.

The film had an open ending, withdrawal a doorway open for destiny storytelling and Nyong’o, who played a double purpose of a family mama and her grievous double, pronounced a purpose was nerve-wracking.

“Well, never contend never, since a notation we contend ‘no,’ that’s accurately what’s going to happen. So maybe I’ll say, absolutely, yeah, only so that kismet doesn’t come to punch me in a b***,” she told IndieWire.

Peele has not oral about doing a supplement to a film yet in an talk with Polygon in Mar he seemed eager about a idea.

Nyong’o told IndieWire that personification a impression helped her grow yet it extracted an romantic fee on her.

“It cost me a lot, yet it also offering me a lot, and we grew so much,” she said, hinting that yet she desired that she was finished with a universe of Us, she would be peaceful to make a quip if Peele wish her to.

“Ultimately, we unequivocally do adore a work we combined together, and how talented it is. Obviously, I’m in adore with Jordan’s mind and a work that comes out of it. And in this case, that includes a purpose that he bestowed on me,” she said.