Man Dies Outside Mosh Pit during Slipknot Concert


A Slipknot concertgoer died Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019, during Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, Illinois. He died after he collapsed after being bearing out of a mosh pit.

Richard Valadez, age 62, was moshing during Knotfest in a Chicago suburb. He was knocked to a belligerent and began to seize up. Initial difficulty behind medical attention. Valadez was conspicuous passed during 12:34 p.m. ET, according to a Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The means of Valadez’s genocide is not nonetheless known, and a resources surrounding a occurrence are not clear. An autopsy is tentative from a area’s medical examiner. Tinley Park Fire Chief Forest Reeder pronounced that his dialect did not respond to a puncture call due to jurisdictional issues.

“The Fire Department was not benefaction for this occurrence during a amphitheater as a puncture medical services are supposing by a private executive for any on-site emergencies.”

Attendees who interacted with Valadez offering some information per a incident.

“Basically. everybody was jumping around in a mosh array carrying and good time and only being accessible roughhousing dorks, as common for steel concerts,” reported Anthony Mackey.

When Slipknot started to play “Sulfur,” an hour into their set, Valadez was strike tough and fell out of a array and into a grass. “He seized as people were perplexing to assistance him up, so we started job for help.”

Another witness, Brittany Ruel-Curtis stated: “He seemed excellent via a concert, though, enjoying a song and drinks and articulate to a people who sat in front of me. [The venue] really should have rubbed things better: More puncture participation for one. And a improved approach for people to warning that they need help.”

Multiple witnesses pronounced a throng was thick and a treacherous stage behind staff assistance for Valadez. It took 15 to 20 mins following his fall for Valadez to accept medical attention. Two group were means to perform CPR on a collapsed male while during slightest one chairman pushed behind on a throng to forestall Valadez from apropos trampled. Other witnesses shined flashlights from their dungeon phones in an try to help.

“Overall a whole venue only screwed a pooch on a whole thing. No communication, no preparation, nothing,” settled Mackey.

Loudwire reported that in late July, thespian Corey Taylor stopped Slipknot’s opening to control a mosh array that was apropos too rough. He demanded that fans step behind to concede those closer to a front to have some-more room.

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