Man fights off carjacker with jar of coffee

Jason, 48, was walking to his automobile after shopping cigarettes and coffee — a jar of Nescafe Blend 43 — on Tuesday night, according to 7 News. But as he neared his car, a Mercedes Benz, he was approached by an different male about 9.40pm. The male was allegedly armed with a firearm that he forked in Jason’s face, perfectionist his keys.

“I arrange of stepped behind and said, ‘No, you’re not removing my keys’,” Jason told 7 News. He used a usually thing he had on palm — a jar of present coffee.

“When we kicked him, he struck me on a conduct with a firearm,” Jason said.

But Jason pronounced notwithstanding being threatened, he refused to give a male his keys, and a different male eventually fled after hidden Jason’s cigarettes.

“I consider many people substantially should palm a keys over, though I’m arrange of not one of those people,” Jason said.

Jason pronounced he fought off a assailant by conflict him in a conduct with his coffee jar. Picture: 7 NewsSource:Supplied

Victoria Police expelled images of a male they wish to pronounce with in tie with a incident.Source:Supplied

The purported assailant took off in a watchful car, a brownish-red VT Commodore, that had no series plates, according to Victoria Police.

Jason suffered a teenager damage on his front from a attack, that didn’t need treatment.

Police are questioning a incident. They trust a assailant to be caucasian, in his 20s, of a slim build, about 183cm tall. He was wearing a grey top, black crippled bag, red underpants and presumably a white T-shirt with black pants, black and white sneakers and a maroon beanie with ear warmers.

Anyone with information is urged to hit Crime Stoppers.

A story emerged yesterday of dual friends fending off 3 teenage home invaders, after a organisation allegedly attempted to take a automobile from their drive in Keilor, Melbourne.

Three suspects have been arrested in tie with a Keilor incident, and there is no denote a dual attempted carjackings are connected.