Marto, ute tragic, meets his match

Better famous as “Marto”, a self-professed ute comfortless loves his Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series. The Japanese brand’s workhorse is famous for a unbreakable reliability, large V8 and ability to soak adult punishment — ideal qualities of any top-flight rugby player, says Marto, one of a explanation group for Fox Sports’ coverage of a entrance Rugby World Cup.

A carpenter and builder by trade, he has owned utes roughly exclusively and got a comfortable and hairy feeling on returning to a ’Cruiser.

Previous ute: VW Amarok

Previous ute: VW AmarokSource:Supplied

“I’ve been in a store of opposite utes. we was in an Amarok for a while though I’m behind in a 70 Series. It’s a second one I’ve owned and it feels like I’ve changed home and I’m protected and happy again,” says Martin.

“I demeanour in astonishment during it and consternation how a Japanese grown one of a world’s biggest off-roaders and toughest utes. Why did they have to do it? It doesn’t make clarity though it is a ideal automobile for me.”

For Martin, a automobile contingency hoop his Queensland lifestyle. “I’ve always had a four-wheel expostulate since I’ve spent a lot of time during a beach fishing,” he says.

“When there is no rugby on we need a automobile that will go good on silt and also during a week can transport a lot of timber.”

There’s an Iveco Daily 4×4 he’s seen down during a beach and he’s eyeing that as his dream car.

Dream truck: Iveco Daily 4X4

Dream truck: Iveco Daily 4X4Source:Supplied

Martin has explored a universe interjection to rugby, either as a actor or commentator. In his early personification days, he spent a off-season in Italy in bar rugby while vital during L’Aquila about 100km easterly of Rome nearby a sleet fields of Abruzzo. The bar gave him a “cheap Fiat” to use. Martin and his now mother Cath spent long-weekends on highway trips adult and down a autostradas exploring a range and capital.

His all-time favourite highway outing was in New Zealand during a 2011 Rugby World Cup — 6 days in a Juicy outpost to symbol his brother’s 40th birthday. He reckons NZ is a best republic to expostulate around since there is never any traffic.

Scariest ride: V8Supercar

Scariest ride: V8SupercarSource:News Corp Australia

One of his many hair-raising practice came during his coverage of a V8 Supercars.

“The guys suspicion it would be humorous to learn me how to expostulate an aged V8 Supercar as quick as we could — since we told them I’m not unequivocally into high speed,” he says

So Martin found himself during Norwell lane on a Gold Coast underneath a origin of Paul Morris and his Supercar Experience. He got some-more than he bargained for.

“One day but me knowing, we were going around and he introduced dual other cars on a lane while we was still on it,” says Martin.

“And they’ve only come out of nowhere in my behind prophesy counterpart and given me a strike in a behind and he said, ‘Now it’s real, see how we go.’

“I haven’t been that frightened in a while. we consider I’m built for comfort, not speed.”

Martin is looking brazen to his subsequent plea during a World Cup, training all about a Georgian and Russian players — and how to pronounce their names.


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