Mercedes reveals world’s safest car

“We are positively not brief of ideas for reserve innovations,” says Rodolfo Schoeneburg, a German brand’s male in assign of automobile reserve for a past 20 years.

“And that is precisely one of a reasons for building a ESF 2019. We have finished so to uncover a ideas and concepts a reserve experts during Mercedes-Benz are now researching and building for serve improvements in safety.”

Photo of a Mercedes-Benz ESF concept

Photo of a Mercedes-Benz ESF conceptSource:Supplied

The initials “ESF” mount for a German difference for Experimental Safety Vehicle. Revealed progressing this month in Stuttgart, hometown of Mercedes-Benz, this judgment aims to uncover off hard-core engineering instead of soft-core style.

One peek during a ESF 2019 is all it takes to see it’s formed on a company’s stream indication GLE. But a large SUV has been extensively altered, inside and out, as some of a brightest minds during Mercedes-Benz combined their many innovative ideas.

The final time Mercedes-Benz did something like this was a decade ago. Using a large S-Class limo as a basis, a ESF 2009 previewed reserve facilities that done it into prolongation in a years that followed, and some that didn’t.

In a past 10 years a gait of change in automobile record has accelerated. The large one now on a setting is programmed driving.

One of a categorical functions of a ESF 2019 is to uncover Mercedes is good prepared for a imminent attainment of cars with self-driving capability, partial or full-time.

Some of a advances understanding with questions that many typical drivers won’t have even contemplated. For example: How can a automobile being driven by computers cooperatively promulgate with other highway users?

But a ESF 2019 also demonstrates copiousness of ideas for ways to urge existent reserve set-ups. Among these is an wholly new airbag pattern that increases reserve for rear-seat passengers.

Other ESF 2019 innovations engage simply essay new program for on-board computers to supplement crafty new functions. Now, let’s check out a best things in Stuttgart’s creation selling trolley …

Co-operative communication

The ESF automobile can let other drivers know what mode it is handling in.

The ESF automobile can let other drivers know what mode it is handling in.Source:Supplied

Fully unconstrained cars will be means to expostulate unoccupied. Even in a part-time self-driving cars that are nearer to nearing on a market, there’s no pledge a motorist always will be profitable courtesy to what’s function outside. The Mercedes resolution is to make a automobile itself communicate. Screens built into a grille and behind window of a ESF 2019 can arrangement colours, symbols, messages and animations. The 4 round lights on tip of a vehicle’s 4 roof-mounted sensors heat bluish to prove operation in self-driving mode. After studies in 2018, Mercedes-Benz believes bluish should be adopted globally as a colour of autonomy.

Virtual press zone

Using a mixed sensors compulsory for programmed driving, Mercedes engineers have found ways to use a time between showing of risk and impact, a best instance being Pre-Safe Impulse Rear. If a still automobile is about to be strike from behind, it automatically accelerates fast into a accessible space ahead. This creates additional interlude space for a coming car, during a same time as dire passengers into their seats to revoke a possibility of whiplash neck injuries. Time it right and a emanate of speed also reduces a astringency of a impact. Expect to see this shortly in new models.

Pre-safe side light

Those clear stripes aren’t usually splendid when it’s light, they heat in a dark. The tech uses a multi-layer light-emitting paint. If a car’s sensors detect another motorist apparently unwell to mark a ESF 2019, contend during an dark intersection during night, a stripes peep an unmissable look-at-me signal.

Holistic motorist chair concept

Square-ish and small, a steering circle of a ESF 2019 is a many apparent partial of a new-look pushing position Mercedes-Benz thinks is best for cars with self-driving capability. The device uses steer-by-wire tech and usually needs to turns by 180 degrees. There’s a improved perspective of instruments when pushing and it retracts into a lurch when a automobile is in unconstrained mode, for additional space. The pedals redress into a building during a same time, for a same reason. With a incomparable dash-mounted frontal airbag, side airbags mounted possibly side of a backrest and an inbuilt chair belt, there’s all-round insurance even if a motorist has reclined a chair behind to take a snooze while a automobile drives itself.

Connected child seat

Photo of a Mercedes-Benz ESF concept

Photo of a Mercedes-Benz ESF conceptSource:Supplied

Designed for children adult to 105cm high and 4 years old, this thought is being grown in partnership with Britax Roemer. The battery-powered Wi-fi tie built into a chair communicates with a car’s reserve sensors. When risk is sensed, a chair cinches a five-point strap tighter to revoke injuries. An additional USB couple adds evidence and warning functions that are displayed on a centre shade in a instrument panel. When still it shows a video picture of a small occupant. When in motion, elementary icons prove a child’s state — alert, defunct or restless.

Rear airbag

Photo of a Mercedes-Benz ESF concept

Photo of a Mercedes-Benz ESF conceptSource:Supplied

There are good reasons because a frontal airbag for behind chair passengers should not go off with a same large crash as those ahead. Gentle deployment means reduction risk for occupants who can change widely in age, distance and vicinity to bag, mounted in a behind of a confronting seat. Mercedes-Benz has grown an wholly new kind of airbag that fits a check for behind occupants. It uses a tubular support arrogant with dense gas instead of an bomb pyrotechnic charge. The unequivocally crafty partial of a pattern is a space between a bars of a framework. The side walls now “inhale” and trap ambient air. Mercedes-Benz has law this one-way respirating material.