Mexico mayor tied to automobile and dragged along by indignant locals

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CCTV footage prisoner a impulse a mayor was being dragged along a streets

Eleven people have been arrested in southern Mexico after a mayor of their encampment was dragged out of his office, tied to a pick-up lorry and dragged by a streets.

Police intervened to giveaway Mayor Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández, who reportedly suffered no vital injuries.

It was a second conflict by farmers perfectionist that he do his debate guarantee to correct a internal road.

Extra officers have been deployed to a encampment in Chiapas state.

Mayors and internal politicians in Mexico are mostly targeted by drug gangs when they exclude to concur with their rapist schemes though it is reduction common for them to be pounded over their debate promises.

Mr Escandón pronounced he would press charges for abduction and attempted murder.

Video taken by bystanders outward a mayor’s bureau showed a organisation of organisation pulling him out of a building and forcing him onto a behind of a vehicle.

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Footage prisoner after by a CCTV showed him being dragged along, tied with a wire around his hands to a behind of a lorry by a streets of Santa Rita, that forms partial of Las Margaritas.

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It took dozens of metropolitan military officers to stop a car and rescue a mayor. Several people were harmed in scuffles between a military and those who had abducted a mayor.

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In an progressing occurrence 4 months ago, a organisation of organisation trashed his bureau when they did not find him there.

In a lead-up to a mayoral choosing in Las Margaritas, Mr Escandón was himself arrested on guess of holding partial in a fight with supporters of a opposition candidate.

He was expelled for miss of evidence.

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