Model ‘forgot’ drugs were in Chanel bag

Jonita Ragaisyte, 27, pleaded guilty to dual charges of possessing a drug of coherence progressing this week, some-more than dual years after military raided a Docklands unit she common with then-boyfriend Cemre Volkan.

Volkan was jailed final year for drug trafficking and possession after military found an “Aladdin’s cave” of drugs in a apartment, including cocaine, GHB, ketamine, LSD, MDMA, steroids and testosterone.

Jonita Ragaisyte withdrawal justice today. Picture: Julian Smith/AAPSource:AAP

The 27-year-old strikes a pose. Picture: Instagram.Source:Instagram

Ragaisyte has given certified possessing butanediol — that becomes GHB once eaten — and nethylhexedrone, a drug with identical properties to methamphetamine.

At a pre-sentence conference today, a justice listened a Lithuanian indication was also found with methamphetamine while visiting Volkan during a Metropolitan Remand Centre, only months after a 2017 raid.

“The jail officer conducted a bag and possession check. In her Chanel bag seemed a zip-lock bag of what seemed to be methamphetamine,” prosecutor Richard Pirrie said.

Ragaisyte progressing perceived a dressing-down by a decider for her apparent disinterest. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

Defence counsel Megan Casey pronounced her customer had not been convicted over a matter, observant her possession of a drug was “inadvertent”.

“She had lost that it was in her handbag,” she said.

Throughout an progressing hearing, Ragaisyte seemed unfeeling and told a Lithuanian translator to stop aiding her, call County Court Judge Christopher Ryan to emanate a unrelenting reprimand.

“Understand good and truly that your autocracy is during risk and it does your means no good to lay and glance during a roof as if this is all too tedious since we only competence find yourself wearied during Dame Phyllis Frost jail for women,” he pronounced on Thursday.

This week has been most reduction glamorous for a model. Picture: David Crosling/AAPSource:AAP

She was told she competence also be wearied in prison. Picture: Instagram.Source:Instagram

The justice was told she came to Australia on a tyro visa in 2013 and began dating Volkan in 2016.

Volkan, who also went by a moniker Red Ra in a bodybuilding community, formerly antiquated socialite Brynne Edelstein in 2014.

“Ms Ragaisyte had no difficulty before to her attribute with Mr Volkan, and she was in Australia for some 3 years before a derivation of that relationship,” Ms Casey pronounced on Friday.

“Since then, matters have taken a successive nosedive.”

The conference continues.

Police found an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of drugs in her common apartment. Picture: Instagram.Source:Instagram