Moment male rescues lady from rape

Nick Gilio, who went to a girl’s assist after Anthony Paul Sampieri sealed her in a dance studio toilet in Nov 2018, described a pain, fear and his lifetime earthy and mental injuries given Sampieri cut his neck with a scalpel.

Sampieri, 55, committed a terrifying conflict in a southern Sydney suburb of Kogarah on an dusk in Nov 2018.

His condemned has been shelved until Dec 9.

“I was stabbed in a abdomen,” he told a inside District Court conference during a thespian victim’s impact matter as Sampieri sat in a wharf with his conduct bent and eyes expel down.

“The apprehension and feeling of a scalpel being dragged opposite a behind of my neck with no suspicion for who we am … or my family.”

Nick Gilio, who discovered a girl, has described how it has impacted his life.Source:News Corp Australia

Mr Gilio pronounced he had ongoing earthy and psychological trauma, including narrowing in a behind of his neck and debilitating flashbacks of a conflict he would have “for a lifetime”.

He pronounced a mishap and damage meant he had a miss of concentration, definition he couldn’t pursue his selected pursuit as a diesel mechanic.

He pronounced he was aroused for a gratification of all children and was constantly checking doors and windows.

“The flashbacks will … never stop,” he said.

“I was a happy go propitious man.

“I was active, we enjoyed sportive and socialising.”

Now, Mr Gilio said, he couldn’t float his engine bike, go out for prolonged or relax.

“I feel as yet a outrageous partial of me has died on a night of that incident,” he said.

“I see all children as vulnerable.

“I feel as if we am obliged for safeguarding all children all a time.

“I feel fearful for them.”

Mr Gilio pronounced his assured opinion on life had turned, withdrawal him feeling “overwhelmed, dim … pessimistic”.

He pronounced his family also gimlet his pain.

He told Sampieri, who faces probable life imprisonment: “There is no judgment oppressive enough.

“I wish your bonds … has pain, dark and misery.”

Outside a court, Mr Gilio told reporters he hoped Sampieri would get a life judgment in prison.

He pronounced he had glared during a assailant while delivering his absolute plant statement.

He pronounced he was assured a chastisement imposed would be oppressive adequate to recompense for a pang Sampieri caused.

“But we’ve always got to remember there’s a small lady pang a small bit more.”

Judge Paul Conlon thanked Mr Gilio for his aplomb in rescuing a girl.


Sampieri was purify shaven, with his thinning hair closely cropped as he sat in a wharf of a justice today.

He seemed warning though looked like he had mislaid weight in a months he has been in custody.

Sampieri stood with his conduct bent as he rigourously pleaded guilty to 7 charges relating to 94 offensive, ominous or badgering phone calls he done to women between Aug and Nov 2018.

After locking a girl, who was attending a class, in a toilet of a St George Dance Centre, Sampieri filmed himself committing an act of obscenity on her.

Sampieri seemed in a NSW District Court during Darlinghurst in Sydney currently before Judge Conlon.

Child sex delinquent Anthony Peter Sampieri. Picture: Hollie Adams.Source:Supplied

The toilet during a St George dance gymnasium where Sampieri pounded a child. Picture: 9 News.Source:Supplied

Police and Forensics examine a rape and stabbing during St George Dance Studio, Kogarah in November, 201. Picture: Damian Hoffman.Source:News Corp Australia

A male is taken to St George sanatorium after a dance gymnasium conflict by Anthony Sampieri.Source:Supplied

In Jun this year, Sampieri pleaded guilty to 10 charges outset from a Kogarah dance gymnasium attack.

Sampieri was on release during a time of a offences on a dusk of Nov 15, 2018.

The father of another child during a dance studio was stabbed by Sampieri after a male went to a assist of a lady being intimately assaulted.

In July, Sampieri also pleaded guilty to creation ominous and pornographic phone calls to women before to a dance gymnasium rape.