My Generation Too Weak, Cowardly To Fight For Nigeria, Says Don Jazzy

Musician and producer, Don Jazzy, has blamed youths opposite Nigeria for unwell to quarrel for a improved nation and usurpation a standing quo.

In a post on Twitter on Thursday, a record tag owners pronounced he wondered because immature Nigerians were demure to take adult positions of care to change a fortunes of a country.

He said, “I trust my era has been diseased and roughly equally during error for a state Nigeria is in today.

“We have been too diseased and villainous to plea a fathers during a age they built a bravery and motionless to quarrel theirs. Not everyone, though we for one have been idle on d fence.

“The world’s tip 10 youngest heads of government/state are all next 40 years. we also beheld many of them are streamer parliamentary and kingdom governments.

“My question: Is it a overwhelming charge for youths to be inaugurated to order in a unitary/presidential government?”