Natalie McGarry: Former SNP MP jailed for embezzlement

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The justice listened that McGarry suffered a miscarriage during a weekend

Former SNP MP Natalie McGarry has been jailed for 18 months for embezzling income from pro-independence groups.

McGarry certified embezzling some-more than £25,600 – including donations dictated for a foodbank.

This enclosed £21,000 from Women for Independence (WFI), when she was treasurer of a organisation, and a SNP’s Glasgow Regional Association.

Her spending enclosed rent, a holiday to Spain, transfers of income to her father and other lifestyle costs.

McGarry, who was a MP for Glasgow East between 2015 and 2017, pled guilty to dual charges of piracy in a conference during Glasgow Sheriff Court final month.

Her try to repel a guilty pleas during a after conference was refused by Sheriff Paul Crozier.

Depression and anxiety

She had not guilty pleas supposed to another piracy charge, and a assign that she refused to give military a passcode for a mobile phone.

Passing judgment on Thursday morning, Sheriff Crozier told McGarry that her rascal and deception had been of a “most critical kind” given a position of trust she had been in.

He added: “You have depressed really distant brief of a standards a ubiquitous open should design from their inaugurated representative.

“There is no choice than a custodial judgment as we have shown no remorse.”

McGarry was afterwards handcuffed and taken to a cells.

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McGarry was inaugurated as a MP for Glasgow East in 2015, though did not mount in a snap ubiquitous choosing dual years later

Defence counsel Allan Macleod had progressing told a justice that McGarry continued to insist she was trusting of a charges.

Mr Macleod pronounced his customer had suffered mental health issues over a years, including basin and anxiety, and also had postpartum basin following a birth of her daughter in Nov 2017.

McGarry wept in a wharf as a justice was told that she had suffered a miscarriage progressing this week, while she was 6 weeks pregnant.

Mr Macleod said: “She describes her life as roughly intolerable. Two weeks ago she deliberate that life could not get any worse, and afterwards it did.

“She was profound and miscarried, that happened on Sunday and that is something that for her has been positively devastating.

“She is during a lowest indicate in her life she has ever been. Her career is ruined, her repute is in tatters, she has mislaid friends, colleagues, her repute and job, and now her child.”

Mr Macleod pronounced a family’s finances were now in a “perilous” state and McGarry’s categorical regard was for her daughter, who is 18 months old. He pronounced her father had dual jobs, one during cynical hours, to support them.

What did McGarry do?

The 37-year-old embezzled a largest volume from a Women for Independence organization in her purpose as treasurer of a organisation, appropriating £21,000 for her possess use.

McGarry eliminated income lifted by fundraising events into her personal bank accounts and unsuccessful to send free donations to Perth and Kinross foodbank and to Positive Prison, Positive Future between 26 Apr 2013 and 30 Nov 2015.

The justice listened how £750 that had been lifted for a foodbank never reached a organisation. The concession would have supposing food for 30 families.

McGarry also used cheques drawn on a organisation’s bank comment to deposition income into her possess account.

Women for Independence pronounced McGarry had embezzled donations from members of a open that had been dictated to be used in a debate for independence.

A matter released by a organization said: “For many, these donations were a genuine sacrifice”.

The matter added: “We had no change on a sentencing diet and recognize that we were not a usually celebration harmed by her actions.

“We honour a sheriff’s preference given his comments on a earnest of a matter. We are undone however that there are not some-more alternatives to jail accessible for sheriffs to cruise and we will continue to debate on this issue.”

McGarry also pled guilty to embezzling £4,661.02 in a march of her purpose as treasurer, secretary and convener of a Glasgow Regional Association of a SNP between 9 Apr 2014 and 10 Aug 2015.

She was inaugurated as an SNP MP in 2015 though quiescent a celebration whip after a allegations opposite her were initial made. She did not find re-election in a 2017 ubiquitous election.