New Scottish domicile in Glasgow for blockade organisation Chivas Brothers

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Chivas Brothers

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Chivas Brothers produces Glenlivet whisky

Whisky distiller Chivas Brothers has non-stop a new Scottish domicile in Glasgow as partial of a £500m investment.

The French-owned association is fluctuating a bottling plant in Dumbarton, forward of shutting one in Paisley.

The new plant is designed for a million bottles per day, and is on lane to be in operation subsequent spring.

As partial of Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers recently reported clever Scotch blockade sales expansion of 7% in a year to June.

It reported a identical expansion in a portfolio of a primogenitor company’s other suggestion drinks, including Beefeater gin, Jameson’s Irish whiskey, Absolut vodka, Martell cognac and, of course, Pernod.

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Exports of Scotch were adult scarcely 8% by value, yet many of that was with reward brands, so a volume expansion was lower, during 3.6%.

Among brands, Chivas Regal was adult by 6%, Ballentine’s by 7%, a Glenlivet singular malt rose 9% over a year and Royal Salute was adult 16%.

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Chivas Brothers

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The new domicile is in Glasgow’s Blythswood Square

Growth was seen opposite many of a world, yet there was a 3% tumble in Europe, with problems in a French and Spanish markets.

Asia was adult 14% and South America by 8%.

The association will subsequent year connect a London offices during one plcae in Chiswick, while expanding caller centres during a Glenlivet and Strathisla distilleries on Speyside.

It is augmenting distilling ability during a Aberlour distillery, Glenlivet and Scapa on Orkney.

The new Glasgow office, on 3 storeys in a Blythswood Square city house, brings bureau staff from a Paisley bottling plant. Its belligerent building is a complicated bar area, for use in compelling a brands.

It was visited this week by a arch executive of Pernod Ricard, Alexandre Ricard, and a trainer of a Chivas Brothers division, Jean-Cristophe Coutures.

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Chivas Brothers

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A complicated bar is partial of a new headquarters

Mr Coutures told a media lecture that preparations have been done for wrapping reserve if there is intrusion to trade due to Brexit.

“As a business, we wish visibility. It’s really formidable to foresee and devise for a unknown,” he commented.

He pronounced a arise in exports of Scotch were not lopsided by stock-piling in countries where tariffs could be introduced post-Brexit, such as Colombia and South Korea. Instead, he expects to see continued expansion in a blockade trade.

That introduction of a post-Brexit tariff could put Irish whiskey during an advantage in such markets, though Alex Ricard doubted that would significantly mistreat a comparatively clever marketplace position of Scotch.

One of a company’s aims is to cut a CO footprint by half over a subsequent 11 years. That is by buying that emphasises tolerable agriculture, recylable wrapping and support for village efforts.