Nigeria, Egypt, 33 Other African Heads Of State Head For Russia Summit Next Week

President Vladimir Putin hosts dozens of African leaders subsequent week as
Russia seeks to reassert a change on a continent and beyond.
The heads of some 35 African countries are approaching for a first
Africa-Russia Summit in a Black Sea review of Sochi subsequent Wednesday
and Thursday.

For Putin, a limit is a possibility to revitalise Soviet-era relationships
and build new alliances, bolstering Moscow’s tellurian poke in a face
of fight with a West.

“Russia has always been benefaction in Africa, this is a really important
continent,” Putin’s orator Dmitry Peskov pronounced forward of a summit.
“Russia has things to offer in terms of jointly beneficial
cooperation to African countries.”

Though never a colonial energy in Africa, Moscow was a essential player
on a continent in a Soviet era, subsidy autonomy movements and
training a era of African leaders.

Remnants of that change remain, from a Kalashnikov purloin on the
flag of Mozambique to a Angolan dwindle with its
hammer-and-sickle-style rigging and machete.

The leaders of former Soviet customer states like Angola and Ethiopia
will be during a forum, though so will others from where Moscow’s
engagement has been traditionally low, like Nigeria and Ghana.

Egyptian President and African Union authority Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,
who Putin has fostered as an ally, will co-chair, Agence France Presse