Nigeria Has Become Fulani Estate -Alaigbo President, Prof. Nwala

Prof. Uzodinma Nwala, President of Alaigbo Development Foundation (a physique of a Igbo intelligentsia) says a Fulani clan in Nigeria are using a nation as a personal estate bequeathed to them by their father (Usman dan Fodio).

“And Nigeria has truly turn a estate of a children of Usmanu dan Fodio. Nigeria has entirely and truly turn colonised. But can we censure a children of Usman dan Fodio alone? we doubt if we can. When in 2016, (Asiwaju) Bola Ahmed Tinubu announced that zoning and revolution were a event of a PDP and had zero to do with a All Progressives Congress, we knew we were in for a really cold winter,” he told Punch in an interview.

Speaking serve he said, “When people contend that simple beliefs that should keep a multi-national state together no longer matter and should no longer be operational, afterwards it means that we have dissolved a federation. Thus, those that have seized a association are revelation us how they wish to run a state.

“That is what Governor el-Rufai is revelation us. What else do we wish me to say? The Fulani have henceforth taken over power. Fulani settlements have been dynamic all over a place. (There are skeleton to have) RUGA, cattle extending colonies and (there are) moves to take over all waterways, etc. They have taken over a executive, legislature, judiciary, confidence agencies and armed forces, bureaucracy, economy, unfamiliar affairs, etc. El-Rufai is adventurous we to do your worst.”

According to Nwala, nonetheless a northern ‘political hawks’ used Gen. Abdusalami Abubakar to “torpedo a nationalistic decisions of a 1994-95 Constitutional Conference, when we shaped a Peoples Democratic Party, many of us who were leaders of a G-34 and who had worked tough to see if there could be a genuine post-military domestic dispensation, were still dynamic to defend those pivotal elements we had concluded on, and in fact, voted for”. 

One of such decisions, he disclosed, was a doing of a element of rotation, zoning and Federal Character. 

He, however, noted: “You can see what is function today; a element of share is gone, a element of revolution is gone, a element of zoning is left and a element of Federal Character has been thrown into a dustbin. Thus, all a simple approved mixture that could reason a nicely together have been totally eroded.”