Nigeria military doubt Tekno for stick dance in Lagos traffic

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Tekno’s songs embody Pana – that has been watched some-more than 100 million times on YouTube

Nigerian star Tekno has been questioned by military after travelling by Lagos in a outpost with semi-naked women.

A video, that appears to be filmed from another automobile in a trade jam, shows a male sitting in a glass-sided lorry throwing income during women dancing around a stick in their underwear.

The thespian has denied accusations that it was an advert for a frame club.

Instead he insists that he was in a potion box on a lorry travelling between locations while sharpened a song video.

The military started an review after there was “outcry on amicable media” about a video, military orator Bala Elkana told a BBC.

It was creatively reported that a thespian was arrested, though Mr Elkana says he was invited for doubt and willingly visited a military hire in Lagos on Tuesday to make a statement.

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Tekno facilities in Beyoncé’sLion King manuscript and his songs embody a strike Pana that has had over 100 million views on YouTube.

The video, whose start is unclear, shows a women dancing while a car stopped in a trade jam:

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The star, whose genuine name is Augustine Kelechi, apologised on Instagram for any corruption he had caused.

He pronounced they had been “having fun” sharpened a song video and then, during midnight, had to transport between locations:

“We were sharpened a song video and we had a necessity of vehicles to communicate people to a subsequent location, since some of a cars pennyless down in between a shoot,” he pronounced on Instagram.

He didn’t explain why, on a journey, he was throwing income during a women.

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Tekno has been expelled while a review continues, military say.