Nine Hong Kong pro-democracy activists found guilty of open bother for 2014 protests

Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong
Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong (L-R) Pro-democracy activists Cheung Sau-yin, Chung Yiu-wa, Tanya Chan, Chu Yiu-ming, Chan Kin-man, Benny Tai, Raphael Wong, Lee Wing-tat and Shiu Ka-chun arrive during a probity before a outcome on their impasse in a Occupy Central, also famous as “Umbrella Movement”, in Hong Kong. (Source: Reuters)

A Hong Kong probity found leaders of a 2014 “Occupy” polite insubordination transformation guilty on Tuesday of open bother charges during a mass protests, in a landmark outcome that comes as a China-ruled city’s freedoms come underneath strain.

Scores of supporters clapped in support of a 9 defendants including a law professor, dual lawmakers and former tyro activists, after a decider delivered his outcome following a hearing that critics contend highlights timorous domestic freedoms in a former British colony.

Three of a defendants indicted of personification a heading purpose in formulation and mobilising supporters during a 79-day travel occupations in 2014 – Benny Tai, 54; Chan Kin-man, 60; and late priest Chu Yiu-ming, 75; were found guilty of swindling to dedicate open nuisance.

Tai and Chan were also found guilty of incitement to dedicate open nuisance. They seemed ease after a outcome was delivered, and Chan bent to supporters, applauding them outward a court. The contingent had pleaded not guilty to all charges, that any lift a limit 7 years jail.

Tai, vocalization to Reuters earlier, pronounced they would continue a onslaught for full democracy. “The reason that we committed polite insubordination is given we wish probity for Hong Kong people.”

In a outline of his judgement, Justice Johnny Chan remarkable that while a judgment of polite insubordination is “recognised in Hong Kong”, it wasn’t a counterclaim to a rapist charge.

“The corruption of swindling to means a open bother does not have a unattractive outcome of curtailing or suppressing polite insubordination during a arrangement theatre or suppressing tellurian rights as a defendants contended,” a outline read.

Since a city returned from British to Chinese order in 1997, critics contend China has reneged on a joining to contend Hong Kong’s high grade of liberty and freedoms underneath a co-called “one country, dual systems” arrangement.

In a scarcely 5 years given a Occupy protests, democracy activists, diplomats and business leaders have voiced grave concerns over what they contend is Beijing’s tightening hold on a city’s freedoms.

Pro-democracy lawmakers have been kicked out of a legislature, a pro-independence celebration banned, and democracy advocates barred from contesting internal elections. A comparison Financial Times editor was also effectively diminished from a city after he hosted a speak with a pro-independence romantic during a Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club.

The 6 other defendants embody pro-democracy legislators Tanya Chan and Shiu Ka-chun, dual former tyro leaders Eason Chung and Tommy Cheung, romantic Raphael Wong, and maestro democrat Lee Wing-tat, were also found guilty of during slightest one open bother charge.

No sentences were immediately given by a judge.


The 9 defendants were indicted of inciting and mobilising protesters during a demonstrations that sought to vigour Beijing to concede full democracy.

Hundreds of thousands of people blocked vital roads in several tools of a tellurian financial heart for 79 true days in late 2014, in one of a boldest populist hurdles opposite Beijing in decades.

The demonstrators were finally privileged divided by police, carrying won no approved concessions from a government.

David Leung, a executive of open prosecutions, had progressing argued that Tai, Chan and Chu were a categorical conspirators who had begun formulation a protests a year in advance. He also pronounced a protests had caused “unreasonable” open disruptions over scarcely 3 months.

A open opinion check by a Chinese University of Hong Kong that was cited in probity found that of some 1,200 protesters polled during a demonstrations, 87 percent pronounced they had participated to “protect Hong Kong’s liberty”.

The 268 page settlement noted, however, that: “it is genuine to advise that a benefaction to deliver a form of concept voting … could be done by a supervision overnight with a click of a fingers, it is equally genuine to advise a mass criticism of tens of thousands of people could be diluted overnight even if a certain response were to come from a authorities.”