Obasanjo Earns N40,000 As NOUN Facilitator, Says VC

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo earns N40,000 annually as a administrator during a National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Abeokuta Study Centre, Ogun State, Professor Abdalla Adamu, the institution’s Vice-Chancellor, disclosed on Tuesday.

He pronounced while addressing reporters during a press lecture in Abuja, on a 8th crowd of a institution.

According to Adamu, Obasanjo, who is a Ph.D. hilt in Christian Theology, has dual students in Theological Studies trustworthy to him.

He pronounced 20,799 students would be awarded connoisseur and postgraduate degrees, with 103 graduates finishing with initial category honours.

When asked about a former President’s opening after being employed by a university in 2018, a VC pronounced Obasanjo collated and analyzed in Borno during his investigate work and now had an bureau in Abeokuta and warranted N40,000 yearly.

Adamu also disclosed that a 20,799 students for crowd were divided into 15,642 for connoisseur degrees and 5,157 for postgraduate degrees.

His words: “He (Obasanjo) has dual students trustworthy to him in Theological Studies. We gave him an bureau in Abeokuta and a income is N40,000 a year as a facilitator.

“The former President did his fieldwork in Borno State during a feverishness of a insurgency; going to collect and analyse data. We have another large fish that we have allocated as a monitor and we will announce him when we have given him an appointment letter.

“The 20,799 students for crowd are a top in a story and a top singular graduation of students in a year in Nigeria.”