Peter Chadwick: Millionaire arrested over wife’s murder

Police welfare display Peter Chadwick during a time of his detain in 2012Image copyright
Newport County Police Department

A British-born millionaire suspected of murdering his mother during their California home has been arrested after spending 4 years on a run.

Peter Chadwick, 55, was prisoner in Mexico on Sunday and has been extradited to a US to face trial.

He has been in stealing given he unsuccessful to seem in justice in Jan 2015.

Chadwick, a naturalised US citizen, was found interjection to a spill after military offering a $100,000 (£82,000) prerogative for information heading to his capture.

His box even desirous military to recover a podcast – Countdown to Capture – that captivated hundreds of tip-offs from all over a world.

How was he found?

“We perceived a tip with some ubiquitous information that… we could use to pinpoint [Chadwick’s] accurate location,” Newport Beach Police Chief Jon Lewis told a press discussion on Tuesday.

He pronounced Chadwick was arrested by immigration officials nearby Mexico City on Sunday night before he was flown to Los Angeles and detained.

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“We trust that [he] has been in Mexico given his disappearance,” Chief Lewis added. “He used a accumulation of aliases and performed several feign IDs.

“He stayed in high-end hotels though when [they] began requiring pass marker he incited to some-more medium accommodation.”

“Today is sweet,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer added. “We apprehended a refugee on America’s Most Wanted List.”

What is he indicted of?

In 2012, Chadwick called military and pronounced his wife, Quee Choo, had been killed by a handyman who had afterwards taken him warrant inside their home in Newport Beach.

He pronounced a torpedo had forced him to expostulate to Mexico to dump a body.

But military after found Chadwick, who done his millions in skill development, tighten to a Mexican border. He was arrested after they found blood underneath his nails and scratches on his neck.

Image copyright
Newport Police Department

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Peter Chadwick is indicted of murdering his wife, Quee Choo, in 2012

Days after his wife’s physique was found dumped in a bin nearby a Californian city of San Diego. Chadwick is indicted of slaying her in a brawl over a probable divorce.

He was expelled in Dec 2012 on $1m bail after he gave adult his UK and US passports. But dual years after he disappeared.

Chadwick attempted to trick military by withdrawal clues that he had fled to Canada, authorities said.

He has been charged with murder and is confronting life in jail if found guilty.