Plastic straws: Which companies are banning them?

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Campaigns and shows like Blue Planet II have given us a glance into what single-use plastics – like straws and bottles – do to a oceans and a wildlife that live in them.

We use an estimated 8.5 billion cosmetic straws each year in a UK.

Now, a supervision is bringing in new manners to shorten their accessibility from Apr 2020.

Plastic drinks stirrers will be totally criminialized from sale, though – nonetheless shops won’t be authorised to sell cosmetic straws – they will sojourn on sale by purebred pharmacies in stores and online.

That’s given straws can be essential for bland life for some infirm groups and a sum anathema could lead to a risk of dehydration.

Environmental groups have praised a pierce though contend a supervision needs to take distant some-more wilful action.

The news comes as some-more and some-more restaurants and shops are banning cosmetic straws. Here’s Newsbeat’s beam to a places earnest that this is a final straw.

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The super-sized quick food sequence wants to revoke single-use plastics in a UK.

It’s now aiming to pierce in paper straws to all of a UK branches.

The roll-out should be finished by a finish of 2019, with any remaining cosmetic straws being changed behind a opposite in a meantime.

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“Customers have told us that they wish to have to ask for a straw,” a company’s UK CEO Paul Pomroy pronounced final year.

“Our straws are already 100% recyclable, though we know some-more can be done.”

All Bar One

Bar sequence All Bar One were among a initial to start tying use of straws and used a hashtag #strawssuck to inspire others to join in.

The association buys 4.7 million straws a year and in mid-2017 it began to reinstate a cosmetic straws with eco-friendly versions.

The association says it’s seen “a substantial rebate in cosmetic straw usage” given creation a pierce and says greeting from business has been positive.

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All JD Wetherspoon pubs, and there are scarcely 900 of them around a country, stopped regulating cosmetic straws during a commencement of 2018.

A orator told Newsbeat “the association was formerly regulating 70 million cosmetic straws a year” and staff were automatically putting them into drinks.

Now Wetherspoon’s straws are biodegradable and contingency be privately requested by a customer.

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Pizza Express

Pizza Express and Wagamama

Ava, a five-year-old Pizza Express customer, stirred a Italian food grill sequence to make a change with a cosmetic straws.

The association pronounced a minute above “spurred a business to make a change” and has transposed all cosmetic straws with biodegradable ones.

Wagamama has done a identical move, with cosmetic straws usually accessible if we privately ask for them.


Restaurant sequence Nando’s contend they usually use paper straws that are approved by a Forest Stewardship Council, that promotes tolerable forestry.

The duck hulk says “we are always on a surveillance for some-more tolerable alternatives to cosmetic and are dedicated to improving wherever possible.”

They explain they’ve seen an over-80% dump in straw use over a past integrate of years.

Coffee chains

Costa Coffee, Caffe Nero and Pret A Manger have done a preference to take movement too.

Costa and Caffe Nero have transposed cosmetic straws with paper ones in all of their UK branches.

Although paper straws will be offered, we will still be means to ask a cosmetic straw from staff during Pret A Manger if we need it.


Some vital supermarkets are also on board.

Waitrose private all cosmetic straws from their shelves final year.

And a sequence didn’t stop there – it’s also earnest to revoke cosmetic whenever probable including stealing black cosmetic food trays – that are formidable to recycle.

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Many supermarkets have also affianced to stop offered own-brand string buds with cosmetic stems – swapping them for paper stems.

Iceland, who have formerly upheld a introduction of a deposition lapse intrigue for cosmetic bottles, also aims to be “plastic-free” by 2023.

It has already private cosmetic straws from a possess tag range.

Tesco says it’s phased cosmetic celebration straws out of a cafes.

Marriott International

Marriott International’s UK hotels have done a large pull to mislay cosmetic straws from circulation.

The accommodation hulk owns some-more than 6500 hotels worldwide – and by this July, cosmetic straws will be out of all of them.

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A orator for Marriott International pronounced final year that it was creation a “small and poignant step in personification a partial in shortening a volume of cosmetic that indemnification a sourroundings and wildlife”.

Like many of a other companies mentioned above, Marriott says that business who ask a straw will be given a biodegradable or paper alternative.

London City Airport

In Feb 2018, London City Airport announced that it had private cosmetic straws from all a food and splash outlets.

It claims to be a initial UK airfield to exercise a devise that “is assisting to revoke a volume of cosmetic waste”.

The Marine Conservation Society says that “plastic straws unequivocally do suck”.

Its recommendation to business is: “Just contend no, given we only don’t need it and you’ll be doing a oceans a large favour!”

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