PUBG Mobile: Five Reasons Why PUBG The Most Popular Battle Royale Game in India

Pubg (Player Unknown Battle Ground) Mobile Is An Battle Royal Game For Android Devices. PUBG Corp has recently announced a full-year financials for 2018, bringing in $920 million (1.05 trillion won) in income for a year and $311 million (355.3 billion won) in profit. PUBG is creatively a PC diversion though was extended to mobile phones in Mar 2018 and from that day compartment this date a diversion heat hasn’t cooled down. If anything, it is apropos some-more and some-more popular. PUBG Mobile has crossed 200 million downloads and has achieved over 30 million daily active users. These numbers include of download and plays on both iOS and Android platforms globally. The association also settled that it has been means to do so in reduction than 8 months given a launch of a online conflict royale diversion on mobile platforms. Here are a 5 reasons because we consider PUBG is a hottest conflict royale diversion right now.

The New Concept:

The Battle Royale games judgment was not common among a Indian gamers and a makers of PUBG used this fact to their advantage by releasing it early to equivocate competition.


Mobility is a biggest reason behind PUBG mobile’s success. Made accessible to any mobile user who can play a diversion from anywhere. This diversion altered a landscape of mobile gaming entirely.

PC like Gameplay in Mobile:
Before a attainment of PUBG Mobile in India many craved to play sharpened games on a smartphone. The gameplay knowledge of PUBG Mobile is roughly a same as in PC. This appreciative gameplay knowledge played a pivotal purpose in a success of PUBG Mobile.

The sharpened in PUBG is most some-more accurate and genuine:
Like in genuine life, gun-specific boomerang army a shooter to adjust their aim after any shot, and reloading speed varies widely between weapons, and isn’t present with a press of a button.

There are 100 players along with you. You will get on a craft and we have to be forsaken on an island. It creates we feel thrilled, where we quarrel to sojourn alive.
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