PUBG Mobile: Skorpion, Parachute Trails, EZ Mission License And More Features From Season 7

PUBG Mobiles Season 7 has begun and while there aren’t any large features, a new 0.12.5 refurbish does move a common set of new additions, like gun skins, car skins, costumes and accessories, and more. With that, there are also other tiny though important additions to a game. If we haven’t got a possibility to play a new season, here are a tip 5 features.

The Skorpion

This is a code new arms combined to a game. The Skorpion is a single-fire and semi-automatic appurtenance pistol that is accessible by all a maps. It takes 9mm ammo and 5 connection slots that means we can entirely bucket this up. In a experience, it works a lot like a UZI and is good for brief operation combat.

RP EZ Mission License

Another new underline is a EZ Mission License, that allows players to clear and play hurdles a week in advance. This is a good approach to finish a Royal Pass plea missions in allege and also acquire giveaway goal cards any week. It also lets we skip 10 goal mandate for Week 8 to acquire a chosen chest.

Now we can usually get a EZ Mission License if we have purchased a Royal Pass for a stream season. The some-more uninterrupted Royal Pass purchases we make, a cheaper a EZ Mission License becomes. What that means is, starting deteriorate 7, if we buy 3 uninterrupted Royal Passes, we get a EZ Mission License for free. To get a permit for deteriorate 7, we need to spend 300UC (Unknown Cash), though for deteriorate 8 it will cost we 150UC and giveaway of cost for deteriorate 9.

Parachute Trails

A code new underline is a parachute trail. Basically whenever a we start a diversion and burst out of a plane, a charming route will follow your character. But before we get excited, a trails can usually be used once per game. Also, these trails can usually be noticed by we and your teammates, that we believe, defeats a whole purpose. You can get a trails from Royal Pass rewards and buy them by trade china coins.


We listened about this underline in prior beta updates, and while a underline is still not totally here, a diversion does have an easter egg. Certain locations in several maps have bird nests, usually daub onto a summary that pops adult and we get a bird that sits on your shoulder or flutters around your character. Again, usually we and your teammates can see your companion. We managed to find one on Sanhok, inside a hulk cave. 

Other Features

There are also a garland of other tiny updates for instance, a Middle East now has a dedicated server. There is also (finally) a new brave demeanour for your character, softened audio, improvements in subscription, difficulty tabs to a Shop and more.
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