Quentin Tarantino still wants to make R-rated Star Trek film

quentin tarantino cannes
quentin tarantino cannes There were reports progressing that Quentin Tarantino is penetrating to make a Star Trek film. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

Quentin Tarantino says a screenplay for a intensity Star Trek film is being penned by a organisation of writers and a film would be R-rated if he chose to approach it.

It was in Dec 2017 a news of a filmmaker operative on a thought of a Star Trek film broke, that he competence also be meddlesome in directing.

“There’s a book that exists for it now. we need to import in on it, though we haven’t been means to do that yet,” Tarantino told Empire magazine.

Meanwhile, Star Trek authorization star Zachary Quinto also weighed in on a project.

The actor pronounced he would adore to come behind for another film in a series.

“There’s zero petrify we could give we other than we consider all of us would adore to come behind and do another film, quite with Quentin. What an extraordinary knowledge that would be not usually for us, though for fans and for audiences to see his take…

“We’re unequivocally open to it, and we know conversations are being had, though not with me during this point, so we’ll see what happens,” Quinto pronounced during The HFPA in Conversation podcast.