R. Kelly ‘arrested on sovereign sex trafficking charges’

R. Kelly withdrawal a Chicago jail after posting bail in FebruaryImage copyright
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R. Kelly is in control after being arrested in Chicago on sex trafficking charges, according to reports in a US.

There are pronounced to be 13 charges opposite a singer, including child abuse images and deterrent of justice, according to a US Attorney’s Office in Chicago.

The 52-year-old was arrested by NYPD and Homeland Security officials.

He’s already pleaded not guilty to some-more than 20 passionate offences.

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For dual decades R. Kelly, genuine name Robert Kelly, has been indicted of opposite passionate abuse allegations.

They’ve been brought behind into a spotlight following a documentary array Surviving R. Kelly, that minute stories about him posterior teenage girls going right behind to a start of his career.

The RB artist was charged with 10 depends of aggravated rapist passionate abuse in February. He pleaded not guilty and has been expelled on bail.

Then in May he was charged with 11 some-more passionate offences, relating to passionate attack and abuse of a teenager aged between 13 and 16, that he pleaded not guilty to final month.

It is not nonetheless famous either a new sovereign charges are related to a same cases.

A chairman can be charged with a sovereign crime if they’ve damaged laws in some-more than one state. The charges are generally some-more serious than state charges.

Media captionR. Kelly speaks directly to a camera during an talk in Mar 2019

R. Kelly has stood hearing on passionate offences once, being clear of child publishing charges by a jury in 2008.

Newsbeat has contacted member for R. Kelly, as good as military in New York and a US Attorney’s Office in Chicago.

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