Ricciardo stitch-up leaves star in tears

The Aussie larrikin brought McLaren rising star Lando Norris to tears, utterance with laughter, after a Renault star was destitute disposition opposite a press discussion table to ask if a 19-year-old has nonetheless sprouted some expansion around his pelvic region.

Ricciardo’s out-of-the-blue doubt and Norris’ wild delight had many Formula 1 commentators labelling it a “funniest press discussion in Formula 1”.

Poor Norris didn’t mount a possibility after Ricciardo seized his moment.

It all started with a doubt to Lewis Hamilton about how he is means to stay immature and uninformed as a comparison politician on a F1 grid surrounded by most younger stars like Norris and 21-year-old George Russell.

As Hamilton was articulate about feeling as energised as a initial day he entered a sport, Norris innocently suggested it might be a universe champion’s facial hair that keeps him looking so age-defyingly youthful.

“Well we can’t do most improved either, (F1 good Nigel) Mansell’s (moustache) was all right,” Norris said.

Daniel Ricciardo was holding justice in a British Grand Prix press conference.

Daniel Ricciardo was holding justice in a British Grand Prix press conference.Source:Getty Images

As Hamilton continued to answer a doubt by articulate about his chin candy, Ricciardo was destitute unctuous in his approach doubt to Norris, who was sitting dual chairs opposite from a Aussie.

“Have we got pubes yet,” Ricciardo asked.

Not bargain Ricciardo’s doubt a initial time, Norris leaned in as a Aussie asked again in a inside wheeze with his palm covering his mouth.

Norris’ eyes afterwards illuminated adult as he responded with a elementary “no” before immediately erupting into a giggling fit.

With Hamilton still giving his answer, Ricciardo was speckled disposition behind in his chair to give Norris’ mid-section a good demeanour over as his British plant continued to conflict his giggling fit.

As Hamilton finished his answer and a contributor began to ask another doubt about a girl of Russell and Norris, bad Norris totally mislaid it as he exploded with laughter.

“This guy,” Norris pronounced indicating during Ricciardo as he burried his conduct in his hands for a third time, disposition brazen on a desk.

“He’s crying,” an vivacious Ricciardo pronounced as Norris wiped tears from his eyes while still struggling to keep his composure.

Lando Norris mislaid it.

Lando Norris mislaid it.Source:Getty Images

With a whole room wanting to know what a ruin was going on, it was Russell that took empathize on a bad contributor and sensitive a room a cackling delight had zero to do with a doubt usually put to a drivers.

“Don’t worry it’s got zero to do with your question,” Russell said.

“It’s really not suitable for we guys.”

Ricciardo then, with a fake radiant smile, shrugged his shoulders and pronounced matter of factly: “I didn’t consider it was that funny”.

Ricciardo was in a humorous mood right from a start of a press conference, revelation reporters he won’t be using brief of self certainty any time soon, notwithstanding also removing used to life as one of a comparison total of a sport.

“I don’t feel like one of a comparison guys yet,” he said.

“I still feel immature and pointy and good looking.”

One can usually assume he was some-more than a small gratified that a microphones managed to collect adult his doubt to Norris.